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If you are not woke, do not speak your mind

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Charlotte, NC – This week, we saw another excellent example of social media censorship as Donald Trump, Jr’s Twitter account was blocked. Twitter blocked the post because they did not like the message that it contained. It was one that shared a video of the doctor’s press conference in DC, a video that seems to have been removed across most social media outlets.

The complaint about the video is the fact that it has several doctors who claim that masks are not needed and that the treatment hydroxychloroquine works. This is a claim that the media and left have done their best to put aside since President Trump suggested it. We certainly cannot have a situation in which President Trump would be right about anything.

President Trump was the first to share the video, which Twitter quickly blocked and kept people from seeing. Immediately after the event, media outlets went crazy, sharing the censorship and praising Twitter for the move. ABC suddenly had Dr. Fauci push the narrative that the treatment with hydroxychloroquine was ineffective and that President Trump was wrong.

The media and the left have put all their trust in Dr. Fauci even though he has not done a great job in justifying his stance in most instances. Especially after he was caught on camera not following social distancing guidelines and not wearing a mask at a recent baseball game.

This is another excellent example of social media censorship. The same censorship that caused President Trump to sign an executive order several weeks ago to address. The same social media censorship in which conservatives have been complaining about for years.

I’m not debating the content of the video here. At this point, the lines have already been drawn in regards to coronavirus. You either believe in the virus, or you do not. That is not the situation.

This highlights another great example of the attitude that the left has subscribed to. The one where they believe they must win every argument at all costs, including the silencing of opposing voices. It seems to be happening with more and more regularity.

You are perfectly fine stating your opinion and sharing information that may not be completely accurate on the left. Did you see Twitter pull videos, and the media make a big deal when Joe Biden said millions were lost to gun violence and millions had died due to COVID-19? Absolutely not, because such a move does not help or support their narrative.

Not one single person on the left cares that voices are being silent. The Black Lives Matter movement and other leftist causes, that claim to be a voice for the minority, could care less that voices are silent here. Democrats could care less that an opposing viewpoint is not being heard.

They do not want you to hear that there may be options or different viewpoints. They do not want anyone to hear anything except the narrative that they control. This all happening in a country that claims to have freedom of speech.

Conservative freedom of speech is all but eliminated in our country. There is a very small tolerance for an alternative view or opinion. It can only be tolerated if it somewhat allows the continued move into socialism. Rather than having the appearance of a free country, we look more like a communist China.

During my time in China, I witnessed that the television channels were all CCTV, or China Central Television. These are state run, state controlled media outlets that can only produce what is allowed by the government. I propose we move forward with a change for US media, labeling all mainstream media outlets as CSTV. Communist State Television, because that is exactly where these left wing radicals are taking our country.

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