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Impeachment, election, or death, the mainstream media just wants Trump gone

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Charlotte, NC – Over the weekend, details surrounding President Trump’s COVID-19 diagnosis continued to become more clear. The President is symptomatic, having required oxygen at a couple of different points. He was admitted to the hospital and remains there, even as his doctors say he is doing very well.

This has not stopped the mainstream media from their attacks on the President. From attacking his doctors to attacking Trump himself, the media continues to bombard Americans with their misinformation.

The New York Times suggested that because Trump became sick, he may not remain on the ballot. Calls for invoking the 25th amendment have become the norm again. One thing is perfectly clear through all of this, which we all knew, President Trump is a hated man.

No one is speaking out about the many calls on social media for the death of the President. Many have called it karma, that the President is stricken with COVID-19. They say he deserves to suffer because he is a failed leader and failed the American people.

They continue to argue that this is all President Trump’s fault. That he let the coronavirus pandemic happen. They continue to ignore that China refused to block travel, and the WHO assisted, allowing the Chinese coronavirus to spread across the world.

They want to continue their normal operations, but this is anything but a normal time in our country. This diagnosis for President Trump changes the election just a few weeks out. It changes mainstream media programming and the way the campaigns operate going forward.

The mainstream media is left without its normal attacks on President Trump. He isn’t holding his trademark rallies. He isn’t able to go out and about without a mask to the disgust of the mainstream media and the left.

Joe Biden also pulled back on negative ads. He has remained in his basement holding small virtual events that are not gaining any headlines across the country. The entire time, President Trump remains in the headlines with many concerns about his health and wellbeing.

Except for the left and the mainstream media. They continue to want to eliminate the man and his future. They would just as soon he die than for him to have a chance to win another 4 years and recover from the coronavirus.

That will end up being the big story here. Suppose President Trump is forced to stay out of the race for 2 weeks, but then he returns to the campaign trail. What will the media do? Trump will have shown he battled the virus and will continue to do so if he was reelected.

The media is left with no other choice but to sit and spread continued rumors and fake stories to try to keep the narrative going. They want to continue to attack Trump over the coronavirus, rather than exploring the truth about other matters.

Now would be the perfect time for them to dig into Joe Biden and his corruption. Now would be the perfect time to investigate Hunter Biden and those millions of dollars he received from corrupt Chinese and Russian officials. Instead, they want to continue to focus on Trump.

They do not care how they eliminate him, they just want him gone. They want him out of the White House at all costs. Unfortunately for them, President Trump is a fighter and I think this ends up benefitting him in the end.

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The Mainstream Media Continues To Show Their True Colors

Over the weekend, we continued to learn more about President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis. We also continued to see the mainstream media show their true colors. Some outlets almost celebrated the diagnosis, while others saw an opportunity to spread misinformation. For example, some suggested that Trump should be removed from the ballot.

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