coronavirus just the beginning

Is coronavirus just the beginning of the viruses from China?

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Washington, DC – Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has infected more than 5 million people worldwide and resulted in around 350,000 deaths. As tragic as the pandemic has been, it appears it may just be the beginning.

Shi Zhengli, the deputy director at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, says that the coronavirus is just the  “tip of the iceberg,” according to Daily Mail. In the interview, Zhengli says that if the research into these viruses is not continued, additional pandemics will happen. She suggests research get ahead of these viruses to prevent that from happening.

There are significant concerns about the issues in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Many have suspected that the virus leaked from the lab, as it is in the same area where the virus originated. The lab maintains that the thought of it leaking from the lab is fabricated.

There were several weaknesses reported at the lab. President Trump claims he has evidence the virus originated at the lab. We also know that China destroyed evidence in the coronavirus situation as well. One can quickly conclude that China is at fault for the virus.

Across the internet, many speculators have questioned whether this virus was an accidental release from the lab or a purposeful release. Many have been labeled under conspiracy theories and dark web theory. There is one logical question that must be asked here, after Zhengli’s comments.

What other virus does China have in their labs that could cause issues? China has not been honest with the world. They know much more about the virus than they have let on.

We also see the extensive ramifications from the virus as well. The widespread economic damage and chaos that this virus spread was much more damaging than many would have ever considered. Millions, if not billions, have suffered across the globe at the hands of this coronavirus pandemic.

So Zhengli says that COVID-19 was just the beginning, what else does she know? What other viruses do the Chinese have stored that we don’t know anything about?

While we adapted well to the virus after the initial outbreak, I think we can all agree that we were not prepared for this. We never imagined the expansive reach of this virus in our wildest dreams. Can you imagine what might happen if this is just “the tip of the iceberg?”

As we give this consideration, we must also transition our thought to how we hold China accountable for their role in this. Senator Ted Cruz has vowed to hold Chinese officials responsible for their actions in the coverup. Will anyone else in Congress get on board? They should.

President Trump and other administration officials have indicated that they would be open to holding China accountable. China proved one thing for sure during this pandemic. China has the power to cripple the economies of countries around the world.

They held the supply line for personal protective equipment. They controlled much of the medication and medical supplies needed to take care of patients. China even sold faulty ventilators, capitalizing on the pandemic on so many levels.

China is a significant threat to the United States and the world. Joe Biden would like you to ignore that, however. Last year, he said that China was too busy dealing with corruption that the United States should not be worried about them. That was before the coronavirus.

It is time to start taking the threat from China seriously. COVID-19 has dealt a damaging blow to our economy that many aspects of our economy will not recover from. We cannot handle repeated events like this at the hand of China.

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