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It’s time to face the truth about coronavirus

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Washington, DC – On Thursday, the CDC released information that said the probable cases of COVID-19 in the United States might be up to 10 times higher than reported. They based this statement on the fact that for every instance of COVID-19 that was diagnosed, ten people had antibodies present in bloodwork. Information like this changes the complete perspective of the coronavirus.

For example, the US has nearly 2.4 million cases of the coronavirus diagnosed at this time. That would mean that there are almost 24 million cases that have existed. This would make the current death rate of just over 5%, more like half a percent.

I have said numerous times that the coronavirus does seem to pose a more significant threat than the seasonal flu. This new half a percent death rate is still higher than seasonal flu, but it is far from the extreme story that the media is pushing right now.

As states like Texas pause reopening, other states like North Carolina are moving towards additional restrictions, like mandatory face masks. These comments by the CDC lead you to wonder why this is the case. Is it essential?

I have also argued for some time that the coronavirus numbers are much larger than we ever expected. We have continued to see data points that indicate that the spread is much broader than our testing capacity shows. This is not a fault of the testing. When a new virus hits and we have no technology developed for it, it should be expected.

We rapidly developed testing, antibody testing, and protective measures. Now that we are learning more about the disease, it’s time to face the truth about coronavirus. This virus is nowhere near what we were told it would be. It is indeed a risk for some people, but it is not the end of society.

This report highlights the need for widespread antibody testing to understand exactly how far the spread has happened. The issue is that there is a lot of widespread concern about how much antibody testing tells us. The general “scientific” consensus is that we need a vaccine to be safe.

If the spread of this virus is correct, as the CDC indicates, do we need to restrict everyone and put life entirely on hold? This is the million-dollar question.

The truth is that we have been in the middle of an unknown situation. One that was exacerbated by the left-wing media to help push a narrative. People have been pushed into fear. Those emotions have been heightened through riots and protests and people across the country are absolutely on edge emotionally.

This is not the time for emotionally charged banter and reaction. Emotional reactions always tend to lead to overreaction and ridiculousness. It’s time to face these things with a common sense approach.

The implication that we should expect the federal and state governments to take care of us is absurd. If you feel at risk, Take personal responsibility and protect yourself. If you feel you cannot be safe, you have the choice to stay at home. If you want to wear a mask, do it! It’s just time to be realistic in the face of these numbers and get back to some sense of normal in our country.

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