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Joe Biden and CNN partner for a biased town hall event

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Philadelphia, PA — Last night, Joe Biden took the stage for a “town hall” with CNN.  I put the description in scare quotes because it was anything but an honest event with normal citizens. Meanwhile, not once throughout the night did CNN “fact-check” Biden’s many lies, misstatements, and outright ridiculousness (for example, at one point, Biden claimed Trump could have saved every person who died of COVID).

The anti-Trump network was ready with their excuses.  Serving in his essential role as the nation’s hall monitor, Brian Stelter’s pet, Oliver Darcy, ran cover via his newsletter what can only be called pure propaganda on his part.

Here’s the reason he claims they don’t fact-check Biden or treat his as tough as Donald Trump.

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In tonight’s CNN newsletter of hate, Oliver Darcy defends Biden getting softball questions and not getting fact-checked because he’s not the President and he’s not AN UNPRECEDENTED liar like Trump.This isn’t journalism. This is propaganda.

Dacy’s statement likely has no factual basis simply because he’s saying it.  When words are coming out of his mouth, it usually stinks to high heaven.  He has zero credibility and is the worst kind of grifter imaginable.

He rode conservative media until it catapulted him to CNN, at which point he quickly sold any pretense of objectivity down the river.  It’s impossible to respect someone who purposely misleads their audience only to jump ship at the first sign of opportunity.

Darcy being a ridiculous, partisan hack isn’t news.  But what’s really noteworthy here is what he’s saying is completely false.  It needs to be pointed out and documented that Biden has an incredibly long history of lying as a public figure. That’s not even debatable and for CNN to pretend otherwise is deeply dishonest.

About the only thing Biden does worse than being a truly horrible presidential candidate is plagiarizing speeches.  He lied about his qualifications and copied other’s work. Today, it’d be brushed off because he’s a Democrat and Trump is the ultimate goal!  However, at the time, it was treated as the low-life move it was.

Let’s not forget his smearing of Judge Robert Bork, either, which contained numerous misstatements. Biden even lied about the circumstances of his late wife’s car accident, trying to blame a man who was not responsible for what happened. As Vice President, Biden lied about the Iran deal, he lied about Benghazi, and he lied about Obamacare.

Lying and covering butts is the MO of all Democrats when it comes to squirming out of responsibility in order to keep themselves out of jail regardless of who they have to crush in the process; so long as they’re squeaky clean, so to speak.

Just recently, Biden has lied about his views on fracking, the Iraq war, the Second Amendment, and his past views on cutting social security. I could keep going, but I think everyone gets the idea.

Joe Biden is a chronic liar. He has been for the 47 plus years he’s been in public service. For any network to claim he’s just fundamentally more honest is laughable. The reason CNN doesn’t fact-check Biden is that their network is full of biased hacks, not because Biden is somehow more truthful.

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