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Joe Biden endorses President Trump’s America First economic plan

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Washington, DC – In 2016, President Trump shared with the world that the number one priority under his administration was America. He said that jobs, manufacturing, and our purchasing should all support an initiative he called America First. Now, Joe Biden has come out and endorsed that policy.

In a new initiative, Joe Biden announced that he was focused on “Made In America.” He said that he was supporting investment into manufacturing and technology, to bring American jobs back from China. He also said he would be standing up to China and making sure that America was no longer abused by their government. It almost sounds identical, word for work, to the Trump plan.

Throughout the statement, Biden took the opportunity to attack Trump for “denying science” and losing millions of jobs due to the coronavirus. It’s as if Trump himself invited the coronavirus to the US from China. Biden said his initiatives were thought to bring millions of jobs back to America.

Which is exactly what President Trump has done. He brought his America first initiatives to the White House and millions of jobs were created. Biden completely supports Trump’s initiatives.

Of course, Biden is going about his initiatives in a different way than Trump however. Trump focused on freeing up regulations and the market, Biden wants to clamp back down on them. Trump made it easier for products to be produced here, Biden wants to increase regulation thinking that will force more to be made here.

The thought of Biden is a good one. To support Trump’s initiative was a great idea. The way he is going about it is absolutely horrible. Increasing regulation will do nothing to support or help the American economy.

We learned during the Obama Administration how horrible regulation could be. Increased regulations continued to depress the economy until Trump took office. It seems that Joe Biden has not learned from his past mistakes.

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