Joe Biden frustrated with Americans

Joe Biden is frustrated with Americans who love their country

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New York, NY – On Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden said that he is frustrated. Not with the growing sexual assault allegations against him. Not with the potential implications he faces in the Michael Flynn case. He is frustrated with Americans who love their country.

In an interview on Good Morning America, Joe Biden said that he is frustrated with the push to reopen states. He said that the necessary “materials” have not been produced in order to reopen states. He says that people pushing to reopen the economy are frustrating him.

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Biden said that if he were President, he would be focused on continuing the shut downs. He would suggest that everyone listens to Dr Fauci and follow his guidance. He also took the opportunity to attack President Trump’s response calling Trump’s attention on the Flynn situation as a diversion.

As Biden shared that people were hurting and the economy was struggling, he indicated he has no issues with continuing to force them to stay in that position. Yes, that’s the man who opposes President Trump. He wants to fight for you the American people, or so he says.

Those people who want to get back to work and get their country back open frustrate Biden. It’s hard working everyday Americans who frustrate Biden. He cannot handle the fact that some people may actually care and want to protect America.

It goes against the Democrats game plan. People should not question their government or demand answers, they should blindly follow and listen to what they are told to do. That’s the Biden way.

Democrats want to ignore the fact that there are ways to get our country back to work with common sense approaches. Shut downs do not prevent the virus, as they would like to claim. New York recently learned the virus spreads even with lockdowns in place. It apparently surprised the Governor.

In the interview, Biden also admitted that he knew about the investigation into Michael Flynn. He said he knew before the investigation which continues to highlight the involvement of the Obama administration.

Perhaps before Biden gets so focused on being President, he should just be focused on keeping himself out of jail. Rather than Russia collusion, it sounds like we have collusion in the White House with the Obama administration and the FBI.

Of course those statements would probably frustrate Biden as well. Especially since I am concerned about our country and my fellow Americans.

As the left continues to advocate for the draconian lock downs to continue, conservatives should continue to push for a common sense approach to reopening our economy. I’m more than happy to wear a mask or social distance in order to return to some sense of normal. Especially now that I know it frustrates Joe Biden.

Instead, Democrats will continue to advocate for shut downs and prolonging the stay orders. They simply want to continue to push for their socialist plans, like their $3 trillion coronavirus package. They simply cannot stand freedom.

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