Biden will control the media

Joe Biden to control the media just like his former boss Obama

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Washington, DC — A couple of days ago, Joe Biden sent out a message via Twitter. It was taken as a cheap shot at President Trump and overlooked by many on the left. It confirmed something that every conservative knew was going to happen anyway.

In the tweet, Biden said, “you won’t have to worry about my tweets when I’m President.” The left continues to think that everyone is worried about each time President Trump tweets, but that’s far from the truth. For the first time in decades, Americans have unprecedented access to a President. Biden is committed to ending that.

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You won’t have to worry about my tweets when I’m president.

No more will you hear what your President thinks of a topic. Each and every statement coming from a President Biden would be heavily scripted and controlled. It’s a reminder of the Obama administration, where the media said what was given to them to say.

Americans have almost struggled at times with the access that President Trump has given them via Twitter. Never once have you been left to wonder his thoughts or opinion. You know he’s been for border security, law and order, cracking down on illegal immigration, tax cuts, and any other issue that has come up in his Presidency.

Not that President Trump has been perfect. I’ll be the first to admit that he is not perfect. I also do not believe he is senile and dealing with dementia either.

For many Americans, they seem to prefer a government that handles everything in secret. They want a government that will arrange back room deals with governments, think Ukraine, and the Biden deal to terminate the prosecutor. Are we really at a point in our country that we would rather deal with corrupt politicians than someone that is at times offensively honest?

So while you may not have to worry about Biden tweets, there are some significant things that you do have to worry about. You will have to worry about your ability to protect yourself and your family. Joe Biden will outlaw firearms, force buybacks of some firearms, limit purchases of firearms, and could impose limits on ammunition you are allowed to own.

Biden has proven all throughout his campaign that he is not a candidate, but a puppet. He’s allowed socialist to lay out his economic and social plans. He supports the Green New Deal, which includes the free everything plans that they have been promoting.

So you may not have to worry about Joe Biden’s tweets, but you will have to worry about the continued uncontrolled ballooning of our national debt. You will have to worry about your job. You will have to worry about every aspect of your life.

You will have to worry about a government, that is corrupt to its core. A government that is setting itself up as the elite above the American people. It’s not a representative government at that point, it’s Democrats establishing tyranny.

The left has already shown their hand for those who do not submit to their tyranny. It’s the cancel culture and they will eliminate everything in your life. This is what comes with a Biden presidency.

Sure, we do not have to worry about Biden’s tweets. That’s never been the concern anyway. As Americans, if Biden becomes president, we only have to worry about one single thing. Our very lives.

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