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Just how radical is Kamala Harris? She is the most radical Senator in Congress

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Washington, DC – For all the talks of President Trump being insane, the pick of Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) to be the running mate of Joe Biden is absolutely insane. Some have argued that Harris is moderate, but Harris is anything but moderate. I think we should truly get to know the candidate Kamala Harris.

The non-partisan, government transparency group GovTrack, lists Kamala Harris as the most radical Senator in Congress. Yes, she ranks as more radical than both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. She was least likely to support bipartisan bills, missed the 3rd most votes, and did not seek bipartisan support of her own proposed legislation.

Harris is a major supporter of abortion and Planned Parenthood. I’m not talking your typical “abortion is a right” type of Democrat, she has taken her support of abortion to new heights. Such as targeting of investigations into Planned Parenthood.

In 2017, The Center for Medical Progress published undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood for attempting to harvest and sell baby body parts. Harris, who was the California Attorney General at the time, filed charges against The Center for Medical Progress and David Daleiden. She selectively chose to apply a California law that she had overlooked previously, to help her friends at Planned Parenthood.

The Center for Medical Progress has evidence that Harris held meetings with Planned Parenthood executives in Los Angeles ahead of her being elected to Senate, outlining their political goals. Subsequently, Daleiden’s home was raided 2 weeks later, with orders to “seize the computers used to create the undercover videos.”

Kamala Harris has openly supported all the “socialist” initiatives as well. She proposed student debt forgiveness and making community college and public universities free. She proposed a Medicare for All plan that was financed on the backs of businesses and Wall Street, a move that was immediately said to cause job loss and business reductions. She has also supported versions of housing plans and universal basic income.

Harris suggested that ICE should probably be eliminated. She has recently advocated for prisoners to be released, but in her past, she advocated to keep criminals locked up to use them for cheap labor. Harris has done whatever she needed to do, in order to remain elected and get her way.

Kamala Harris is nothing like a moderate Democrat. She is a radical left-wing “socialist” that will do anything that George Soros and all the left-wing media tell her to do. Many of them have supported her financially since she launched her Senate campaign.

Kamala Harris was not nominated to be the Vice President. She was hand selected by these radical donors to be the next President of the United States. Biden has indicated he would probably only serve one term, if he even made it through that term.

The Democrats know how to alleviate the President from office. They have researched any possible way to remove Trump from office. They understand the ability they have through the Constitution to remove a President Biden for cognitive issues.

Most Americans would not question the move either. At least 38% of Americans believe that Biden has dementia. In the same survey, 86% of Americans said that the candidates health is a major factor in their vote. If the Democrats can hide Joe Biden in his basement until November and somehow win, they can have a President Kamala Harris.

Given that information and the insanely radical ideas of Harris, we simply cannot afford a Joe Biden win in November. While the media continues to bombard you with the stories of the various Republicans and Republican-groups that say they will support Biden, keep this in mind. If they support Biden, they were never conservative at all.

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