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Latest details continue to show Biden unfit for Presidency

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Charlotte, NC – Ahead of the debate on Thursday night, more details about Joe Biden being unfit for office continue to emerge. The suggestions are not new, as we have seen them coming for some time. The picture it’s just becoming more and more clear 12 days out from the election.

The first is in comments made by Biden on Wednesday in a video he shared on Twitter. In that video, Biden said that America was nothing but an idea, and idea that we never lived up to.

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America was an idea. We’ve never lived up to it but we’ve never walked away from it before.

Biden loves to share that America is full of ideas. He is the same that said Antifa was merely an idea, not a terrorist group. Now, he says that Americans are not really Americans, we are just ideas of something.

Biden’s comments that he made himself on Wednesday were not the only thing that proves he is unfit for office. The continued corruption and events between Ukraine and China prove it as well.

Recent statements by witnesses state that the e-mails found on the laptop are genuine. They place Joe Biden as directly involved in the Ukraine and China business dealings of Hunter and that Joe himself was profiting off the deals. All while he was Vice President of the United States.

Biden himself signed off on deals, where he was taking cuts of the business dealings. Hunter and his brother also profited from the deals as the Biden’s were running a thorough international corruption scheme.

By thorough, I do mean very thorough. What was once thought to only include the Biden family, now shows that many other prominent Democrats may have been involved as well.

An e-mail obtained by Fox News exclusively shows other key names mentioned as potential targets for the corrupt dealings. Some of those names include: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA); Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, (D-N.Y.); Sen. Amy Klobuchar, (D-Minn.); Sen. Dianne Feinstein, (D-Calif.); Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, (D-N.Y.); New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo; New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio; former Virginia Gov. Terry McCauliffe, and many others.

The release of this list certainly helps one understand why many of the 2020 Democratic candidates were willing to drop out of the race so easily for Joe Biden. It also makes you wonder what promises he made to the others, like Sanders, Warren, and Buttigieg, for them to drop out as well.

America is witnessing the uncovering of one of the largest corruption schemes in our countries history. The mainstream media continues to ignore it and the Democrats want to pretend like it does not exist. All the while, a man who is completely unqualified to be President is ushered along like he is the answer to prayer for our country.

I’m certainly not sitting here claiming that President Trump is perfect and has never done anything wrong. I can proclaim with all certainty, he is absolutely better than this Democrat garbage. Bring on another four years of President Trump!

It’s time for Americans to stop listening to the Democrats

For the past 50 years, Democrat have been feeding lies to the American people. Some will claim it has been longer than that. They have claimed they had a better way, leaving Americans with doomsday after doomsday scenario.  In 1970, Democrat Gaylord Nelson predicted that 75-80% of the species on earth would be destroyed in 25 years.

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