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Law Enforcement has had enough, stands up to the Democrats

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Minneapolis, MN — On Tuesday, it was reported that at least 100 police departments were pulling out of agreements to provide security for the DNC in August. At least 1,000 police officers were expected to attend the event to help provide security. The reason for the withdrawal was their concerns over the inability to use measures for crowd control.

The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission recently sent directives to the Police Chief, and those concerns surround the use of pepper spray and tear gas. Tear gas has been used to help control violence across the country amid the violent protests. Pepper spray is used a lot more often than tear gas.

In statements, representatives said that removing these non-lethal controls from the use of police could cause issues. In other words, it causes safety issues for law enforcement officers.

The DNC is getting exactly what it deserves in this move. The Democratic party has continued to turn it’s back on law enforcement all across the country as they have supported the Black Lives Matter movement. They continue to allow violence in cities under their control, risking the lives of officers.

Democrats, like Ilhan Omar (D-MN), have openly called to defund the police. Calling the police a cancer and saying that they are “rotten to the root” is certainly no way to find favor with those in blue. These officers will do their job in their cities but have decided there is no reason to put themselves in harms way otherwise.

It’s the right decision for all of these law enforcement groups and officers. There is no reason to place yourself at risk to protect a group that is openly calling for your destruction. There is no reason to protect those who say you are racist, just because of your profession.

Democrats fail to support the men and women across this country by ending the violence in their areas. They have said the officers must let people destroy life and property. They have invited these people to their towns to destroy their cities because it’s a “constitutional right” for a “peaceful protest.”

I, for one, am thankful for what our men and women of law enforcement do around this country. We all need to take a few moments to thank them for the difficult job they do. We need to apologize for the ridiculous leadership across the country that continues to make them evil and marginalize the amazing job that they do.

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*An earlier version of this article incorrectly referred to the location of the DNC as Minneapolis instead of Milwaukee.