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Lebron James finally decides to shut up and dribble ignoring requests for help

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Los Angeles, CA — By now, we have all probably heard about the two officers shot in California over the weekend in an ambush-style attack. The two officers required extensive surgery for their injuries and are still trying to recover. The suspect remains at large.

After the shooting, protestors attempted to block the emergency room door saying that the cops deserved to die. The Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles County has offered a reward for information leading to a suspect. The reward was raised to $200,000 on Monday after more money was donated.

The Sheriff, Alex Villanueva, challenged one of LA’s biggest stars to step up and help raise that reward money to help find the attacker. Lebron James was asked to match the amount, to help double the reward money. To date, Lebron has not responded to the request.

Perhaps you recall the uproar in 2018 when Lebron James was told to shut up and dribble by journalist Laura Ingraham. The comments were made as James was talking politics, and Ingraham said he should do his job. James and many others disagreed and James used his platform to help promote “social justice.”

So where is James now, after being specifically referred to step up and participate in a worthy social cause? Evidently, he has decided to shut up and dribble. He has said nothing, which is odd for someone that seemed to have an opinion about everything.

Of course, media outlets are stepping up to help their “social justice” friend Lebron James. One outlet said that it is not Lebron’s job to help the police find a criminal. The article argues social justice and the defund the police movement is more important than finding someone who attempted to kill law enforcement officers.

In other words, it is okay that James has an opinion when it is furthering a leftist cause. Now that he is being asked to actually do some good for his community, well it’s time that they leave him alone. Just let him shut up and dribble.

Others argue that the request is “peak anti-blackness” and again says that it is not Lebron’s job to catch thieves. Last I recall, the request from the Sheriff, the request was not to catch the thief, but rather to help incentivize someone to speak out. That is something Lebron has been encouraging people to do for the “social justice” cause, but he is now silent when it comes to police lives.

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Lemme spell it out for you muhfuggaz: Villanueva “calling out” LeBron is peak anti-blackness. It’s not his job to make arrests, offer rewards, or set up a Crime Stoppers hotline. Trying to make him responsible for their job is a dirty tactic to silence police criticism – and him

Perhaps Lebron wanted to shut up and dribble the entire time. Or perhaps, Lebron James is only interested in appearing woke enough to continue to live his lavish lifestyle.

No matter the situation, Lebron James is proving who he really is. He is just another left-wing radical who will enjoy his private armed security while advocating that other Americans do not need security. It’s the double standard that we have come to expect from the left.

James will continue to ignore the requests to step up and be a real leader. He will continue to make millions playing with a basketball, while those who truly risk their lives to keep us safe suffer. Lebron has finally decided to listen. He has decided to shut up and dribble, and it only took the attempted murder of two officers.

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Pay Attention Because Your Life Depends On It

Two officers were shot in Compton, California. Multiple shots were fired into their sitting vehicle and both were left requiring surgery to save their lives after being shot. The suspect is still at large and the LA County Sheriff is offering a reward for leads.  There were two distinct responses seen to the incident.

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