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Liberals take note, you cannot ‘deprogram’ Trump voters

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Charlotte, NC — In a recent Twitter rant, a member of the Democratic National Committee and a Democratic official in California suggested that Trump voters needed to be ‘deprogrammed’ in order for their continued existence in society. In his comments, David Atkins suggested that the left should take a look back at World War 2 in an effort to determine how to best have Trump voters continue in society.

He also referred to those same Trump voters as part of a “conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult against reality and basic decency.” You can see some of his initial tweets in the long string of tweets below.

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This is not your standard partisan policy disagreement. This is a conspiracy theory fueled belligerent death cult against reality & basic decency.The only actual policy debates of note are happening within the dem coalition between left and center left.

In his continued comments, he said that Trump voters were giving themselves COVID in an attempt to “own the libs.” He also said that Trump voters were part of a “civil war footing hopped up on conspiracy theories hating everyone who lives in cities.”

Atkins updated his comments on Thursday as he said that he was not advocating for “re-education camps” but that all conservative media was “infotainment” and “disinformation propaganda that is indistinguishable from cult programming.” He blamed social media for not removing all conservative opinion and news outlets as enabling his claimed disinformation.

Then he continued the same progressive lies by saying that there should be images of COVID wards, kids in cages, and consequences of conservative infotainment.

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And yes, it might be healthy to break the spell of the cult programming by showing COVID wards, the kids in cages and other victims and consequences of the conservative infotainment cult on the local news, the newspapers, social media, etc, so that people see what they have done.

Atkins conveniently left out the fact that the mainstream media and the left have misled Americans for years. He conveniently forgets that Obama is the one who installed those cages at the border and that mainstream media has forced right-leaning Americans to seek news elsewhere.

This is not about disinformation or anything. This is about progressive left-wing radicals that want to eliminate conservatives from society. They do not want any opposing opinions, only that of the propaganda spewing, Democrat-controlled mainstream media.

Their goal is to silence conservative thought, eliminate conservative minds, and expel all conservative values from American society. Those values of loving freedom, loving our Constitution and having the appropriate priorities in our lives.

Atkins is far from the first to share the agenda of the left. Others have shared that they want conservatives eliminated from society. They want anyone who voted for this horrible man, President Trump, eliminated from existence. Why? Because he stood against their progressive agenda.

Few Republicans have stood against the left and their movement in the past 30 years. Democrats became used to Republicans who would compromise, with Democrats refusing to do the same. During the Trump presidency, Democrats refused to compromise on any single piece of legislation.

Just take a quick scroll back through the years and you will see time and again that Republicans compromised, allowing a shift to the left. Each time, Democrats knew what they were getting. They were promoting the gradual move to the extreme left.

Now, they are frustrated. Over 75 million Americans voted for a man that refused to allow it to happen. Trump called out the corruption of the left, giving Americans unprecedented access to their government.

All of these Americans responded, voting to keep the “socialists” from being able to ruin our country and remove our freedoms. The left has shown you exactly what they will do. Since the mainstream media declared Biden their chosen President, they have been pushing to eliminate Trump and conservatives.

There is no compromise from these radical extremists on the left. They will continue to attack conservatives and anyone who has ever supported Trump. No matter how hard they try, they will never be able to “deprogram” conservatives.

The left will continue to push for their radical agenda but conservatives will continue to fight and stand for freedom. This is not about conspiracy theories, this is about America and saving the country from these extreme socialists.

The Left Wants To Deprogram Conservatives

We continue to see the left say one thing and do another. In Michigan, two GOP election officials were told that there would be an audit of election results in order to get them to vote and approve the election results. It was another lie of the left.

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