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Mainstream media celebrates itself amid countless failures

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Charlotte, NC — On Sunday, one media outlet decided that it was time for a mainstream media victory lap for their “hard work” in 2020. Sara Fischer and Jim VandeHei decided to work on a quick pat on the back of the mainstream media for their hard work. After all, they are doing the job to inform the American people right?

In the article published on Axios, they praised the media for their work in uncovering the truth about the Coronavirus. They took pride in highlighting the “negligence” of the White House in the coronavirus response. They said the media is the only reason that the American public has the truth and facts about the Chinese coronavirus.

They claim it is because of the media we know about Trump’s personal finances. They claim it’s a great accomplishment of the media to have found Trump’s tax records and exposed it.

They continued talking about how they were fighting misinformation on social media. They had addressed corruption in government leaders and were fighting abuse of power. Finally, they shared how the industry has suffered amid all of these successes.

What I read in this article is far from success. I see Democrat operatives hard at work to fight the conservatives they fear so much. I see a group of people so full of hate, they cannot function in their day to day lives.

While they celebrate “fighting misinformation” on social media, I see where they are fighting to silence an opposing viewpoint because they do not like it. How does fighting for the silencing of voices do anything to help educate people?

When they talk about their investigations into President Trump’s finances and his taxes, I see a group of people that continue to ignore their chosen candidates’ own corruption. They have yet to investigate Biden’s dealings in Ukraine and China, where his family profited millions according to a Senate report. They could have investigated that, but they failed.

They celebrate exposing the truth about the Chinese coronavirus they claim. They claim they have saved America so much from this virus and the fake news about it. In reality, they have failed to hold accountable those who are responsible for spreading the virus. They want to ignore that China could have done something and that the World Health Organization conspired with them.

They are celebrating their bias and failure to hold Democrats accountable, openly in front of the American people. They are not trying to hide it, because they are not being held accountable themselves. Instead, they force anyone who may stand against them into social media bans and labels.

In the article, they claim it’s easy to “dog” the media but that we would know nothing about these things if it were not for the media. How about some information the other way as well! What about doing your job and investigating corruption and things that are happening from the Democrats.

Mainstream media ignores the sexting allegations against Cal Cunningham in North Carolina. They have ignored the wire transfers from corrupt Russian and Chinese leaders to Hunter Biden. Those wire transfers happened while Biden was Vice President and with Hunter traveling with him to China on Air Force 2.

So if we are going to sit here and celebrate something with the mainstream media, we should celebrate their failures. Failures to do their job and look at the facts from both sides. Their failure to hold Democrats accountable, rather than simply building any case possible against President Trump.

They can sit here and celebrate all they want to, but they are celebrating failure. They can claim that the job losses are due to the pandemic, but perhaps its because the American people have lost faith in the mainstream media.

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