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Manhattan DA announces Trump under investigation for multiple crimes

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New York, NY – On Monday, the Manhattan District Attorney said that President Trump is under investigation for a lot more than hush money patients, as was initially suggested. The initial thought was that hte investigation was related to hush-money payments two women through his attorney Michael Cohen. The announcement came courtesy of court filings and first came reported from Reuters.

The filings were related to the pursuit of Trump’s tax documents and financial records. The DA said that the investigaiton is related to “alleged insurance and bank fraud by the Trump Organization and its officers.” The paperwork was submitted in response to Trump’s claim that the subpoena was too broad and in bad faith.

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Breaking News: The Manhattan district attorney’s office suggested for the first time that it’s investigating President Trump and his company for possible fraud

After the documents were released, the DA’s office accused the President’s attorneys of trying to delay the investigation. This claim was quickly denied by the President’s attorneys. In their statement, they said that they were seeking due process.

This is just the latest in the long string of legal action that President Trump has faced since he came into office. He faced similar pursuits of his financial records from House Democrats throughout the impeachment trial.

It is not clear how the court will rule in the case at this point. President Trump is certain to continue to fight the release of his financial records as he has done up until this point.

According to The NY Times, even if the court rules to allow the records to be released, it would be quite some time before they are seen. These records are protected by grand jury secrecy rules. That’s also saying that the Trump attorneys do not have another argument or appeal.

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