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Masks and Microaggressions

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Charlotte, NC – If the term ‘micro-aggression’ sounds like a made-up and stupid concept, you are correct. It is a made-up and foolish concept. Unfortunately for the average citizen, if you choose not to wear a mask while you are out for a run by yourself, entering a restaurant where you will remove your mask to eat, or even having intercourse, then you may be committing a mask-related micro-aggression. Those who commit such faux pas are subject to mask-shaming, the risk of cancellation, and public execution.

The fear of committing such an unforgivable micro-aggression, and the inevitable subsequent mask-shaming, have become a regular part of daily life. The false assumption is that if you do not wear a mask at all times in public, you must be an “Anti-Masker”.

Then, if you are an anti-masker, you must be a supporter of President Trump. Of course, if you are a Trump-supporter, you must be a racist, bigot, and islamophobe. Therefore, if you forget to wear a mask into the gas station to purchase cigarettes, you most definitely enjoy seeing migrant children in cages.

The foundational force beneath this leap of lunacy is called identity politics. Conceptually, identity politics assumes that if you belong to a certain demographic, then you must accept some belief that is commonly held by others in that demographic.

For example, if you are a white, evangelical Christian, then you must be a Republican. If you don’t wear a mask while you are alone and socially-distanced in public, then you must be a Trump-supporter. The fallacy of this thought process is essentially “judging a book by its cover.” Identity politics is as naturally disgusting, shallow, and narrow-minded as racism, bigotry, and xenophobia.

The media is to blame for spreading the manure that is known as identity politics. Observe here as the Washington Post begins an article with a sad profile of an elderly, sick woman who is reasonably concerned for her health. The article soon paints Republicans in a poor light by citing an opinion poll about an unconstitutional federal mandate for masks. Similarly, the website The Daily Dot links questioning mask mandates here with transphobia and racism. Of course, CNN also links anti-maskers to anti-vaxxers here.

We are not advocating for an anti-mask stance. Wearing a mask in crowded areas is and always has been good medical advice, especially if you are exceptionally vulnerable to infectious diseases. You should always follow the advice of your Doctor as it relates to your health. Also, please vaccinate your children.

Mask compliance in public devolved into a political issue because the public lost faith in the federal government to manage the crisis because the gov’t has frequently changed its guidelines (This is not Trump’s fault. As a body of science grows, our understanding of the virus and our respective policies should also change). Then, the media capitalized on the tension between the public and the government by linking “anti-maskers” to science-deniers (such as pro-lifers and those who do not believe the world is ending in 12 years due to climate change) and exploited that tension to increase their ratings.

The result was: the people who oppose a federal mask mandate must also be Trump-supporters (identity politics), and Trump-supporters must want to see granny die an agonizing death. Conveniently, if the orange man and his supporters are genuinely that bad, he should not be re-elected as President.

The problem is the federal government does not care about your health. Remember the Tuskegee Experiment? Or the Flint Water Crisis? The motivation behind the mask-shaming politicians and pundits who dominate the news cycles is control. If the swamp rats in power can create a culture of control in which the media and its twitter lackeys manipulate public behavior, then they will leverage that behavior to remain in and.

This nation is on a fast-track towards totalitarian socialism. If the government can socialize the healthcare industry, then the 10A protections that currently prohibit the government from implementing a federal mask mandate become uncomfortably thin. However, mask compliance is simply a bellwether for future endeavors: limits on the number of children a home is allowed, the energy consumption of a home, or even dietary and/or exercise mandates.

Politicians and the media have already convinced the masses that not wearing a mask while eating, running, and having sex is a micro-aggression and socially unacceptable, so is it that farfetched to imagine our society will look more like communist China in 8 years? Especially if we continue to elect radicals into power.

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