Mexico demands answers, fast and furious, Obama

Mexico demands answers about Obama’s Fast and Furious operation

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Washington, DC – Last week, the President of Mexico urged the United States to give answers about Operation Fast and Furious. The operation was an Obama gun running scheme where firearms were purchases in the United States and allowed to go into Mexico. They attempted to track the weapons to find drug cartel leaders.

Reuters reports that a diplomatic note was going to be sent to Washington demanding the answers. The illegally purchased firearms were used in countless deaths, including that of border patrol agents.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador suggests that there was corruption at play with the operation that would have violated sovereign, international law. Reuters reports that there is still arguments in the Mexican government as to how much they knew about the operation.

Obama and Holder have both denied knowing about the operations, but the denials are not very strong. A former White House official received briefings about the events and passed those briefings to senior officials. It’s highly unlikely that none of that information made it’s way to Obama.

Hundreds of Mexican civilians were killed from the weapons used in the operation. One of the weapons was found in former drug kingpin El Chapo’s hideout.

This latest development continues to draw Obama back into the public spotlight. Obama chose to make his way into the political arena again with statements about Michael Flynn and the coronavirus response.

His comments came in a private phone call over the weekend. He attempted to blame President Trump for what was happening, but all of the blame should really lie on his administration. But it causes one to think, why is Obama becoming involved?

There’s two specific situations in his administration that have come back up and are causing questions. Fast and Furious was a big deal and could implicate Obama and various officials on illegal activities. But the Flynn situation could be worse.

One cannot help but think that President Obama would have known about both situations. Is his actions coming back into the public spotlight in order to try to protect himself? A Biden administration would certainly be more friendly for a corrupt Obama than 4 more years of Trump.

President Trump has promised more information forthcoming in regards to the Flynn case. If Obama, Biden or any of their high level administration are involved, it would prove detrimental to Biden. As if his situation was not already bad enough given the mounting evidence of sexual assault.

The story will continue to develop as we await the new evidence that President Trump suggested was coming. Stay tuned to The Liberty Loft as we keep you updated on the new developments and our take on the situation.

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