Minneapolis City Council security detail

Minneapolis City Council say they deserve better than their citizens

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Minneapolis, MN – On Friday, news broke that the Minneapolis City Council had retained private security for three members at the cost of $4,500 per day to the taxpayers. The local Fox affiliate reported the news regarding the three council members who recently voted to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department. It’s an interesting approach for the council members who have all claimed that armed police are not necessary for peace.

When asked for comment, one member declined. Another said the move was temporary amid death threats that they have received. Another blamed white nationalists. When asked why the police department was not providing this service, the claim is that the police are needed for the community.

So are the police needed, or are they not? The comment that they are needed in the community contradicts the arguments of these council members in their vote to abolish the police altogether.

The New York Post reports that there have been no complaints of violence against the council members filed. When pressed for information, no proof of these claims was presented by the council members. Could it be that they realize that their safety is at risk by eliminating the police department?

Are the people of Minneapolis paying attention to the double standard that is happening? You are not worthy of having armed protection for you and your family. Yet, your city council feels they deserve that.

This is just more of the typical class warfare of the left. Those in power deserve special things that no one else can get. This is exactly what you can expect if they abolish the police and allow “socialism” to take hold in the area.

The people of Minnesota need to pay attention and hold these council members accountable. This is not about white supremacy or racism. This is about control. They want to keep you and your family under their control, receiving only what they feel you deserve to have.

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