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New evidence appears in the Joe Biden case

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Los Angeles, CA – On Thursday, new evidence appeared in the case against Joe Biden. In a 1996 court document, the record shows Tara Reade told her ex husband she was sexually harassed while working for Joe Biden in 1993. The document was first reported by The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, CA.

It does not say that the harassment was by Joe Biden, but it does state that it happened at the same time Reade alleges and in Joe Biden office. Reade’s ex husband is the one who made the statement as he contested a restraining order.

The Biden campaign refused to comment on the latest development. But the evidence continues to mount against Biden, who is accused of sexual assault against Reade while she worked for the former Senator.

Tara Reade sat down for her first interview with Megyn Kelly, which was released on Thursday. Reade said she would go under oath and testify against Biden. She also volunteered to take a polygraph if Joe Biden would take a polygraph. You can see the exchange below.

With evidence mounting, Democrats continue to face the choice of what to do with Joe Biden. Do they allow him to remain or replace him while they can. Which they can still do.

The transparency is gone. The savior of the Democrats now seems like a corrupt sexual predator to a lot of Americans. Will the Democrats stand by their man or throw their support to the socialist Bernie Sanders?

I believe that the Democrats allow Biden to continue to the nomination at this point, but will potentially replace him with his running mate during the convention or soon after due to the allegations. They have the ability to hand pick his successor if they do this.

While they may always stand by Joe Biden, the American electorate is losing faith in him. Recent polls show Biden slipping against Trump overall. A more recent poll shows Trump leading in the key battleground states by an average of just over 2%.

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