New House Defense Bill Includes Gun Confiscation for Military Members

New House Defense Bill Includes Gun Confiscation for Military Members

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Washington, D.C – Democrat House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, and her fellow liberal comrades are trying to sneak a gun confiscation scheme onto a giant piece of legislation.

Section §542 of H.R. 6395, would authorize an unannounced middle-of-the-night raid of the home of any individual subject to the Uniform Code of Military Conduct (§542(a)) based on a middle of the night ex parte “court” proceeding (§542(i)) initiated by an aggrieved friend or relation, raising unsubstantiated allegations that the serviceman or servicewoman was “abusive.”

Per Pelosi, the gun owner is not entitled to receive notice or give his or her side of the story. The proposed emergency Military Court Gun Confiscation Orders (GCOs) are explicitly exempted from the “Protection of Due Process” provided for in 542(g)(1).

As written, any local, state, or federal law enforcement office could come crashing down the door of unaware firearm owners, and seize all guns, and, if the target resists, kill the servicemember. 

As the 2020 United States presidential election approaches, the liberal-left is using Joe Biden’s hopeful leap to the Oval Office to institute a complete disarming of lawful Americans. 

Nineteen states and Washington, D.C., have some sort of red flag/gun confiscation law on the books. At least 11 more states are considering them. 

States with Red Flag Laws

The nation’s first red flag law was passed in 1999 in Connecticut, in response to a mass shooting at the state’s lottery headquarters that left four people dead.

The liberal-agenda is clear – disarm Americans, but start with those with military training and firearm experience. Under a Biden Administration, within the first 100-days, Nancy Pelosi, and her fellow socialist sidekicks will immediately revert to The Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) passed under former Democratic president, Bill Clinton

Our nation is in a state of civil unrest and unlawful riots. Liberal-Democrats are encouraging and endorsing the destruction of property. Law-abiding citizens, especially those who bravely and proudly defend our country’s freedom, are denied their right to protect their lives. 

The first step to socialism is to disarm opponents. Once completed, total obedience is mandatory. To lay down our weapons is to lay down our liberties. As a nation, we must not allow these liberals to succeed. The real stake of our freedom is at stake.

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