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Newly declassified information confirms Democrat operation against Trump

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Charlotte, NC – The Department of National Intelligence has declassified notes from the former CIA Director John Brennan related to the Russia investigation. The release was first reported by Fox News in an exclusive.

The notes detailed how the entire Russia collusion story, based on the Steele Dossier, was coordinated by the Clinton campaign and that the Obama administration was aware of it happening. Clinton personally signed off on the actions, and other key members were aware of it.

While the notes were heavily redacted, the story is clear. This was a political hit job on President Trump. The notes were said to have been taken after Obama was briefed on the situation.

Declassified evidence now exists that both James Comey and John Brennan were involved, as well as the former President himself. In recent testimony, Comey stated that he knew nothing of the case and the referral to the FBI.

This is the latest confirmation that the entire Russia hoax was a political hit job on President Trump. The Democrats have driven this narrative for four years, with Democrats at all level being involved.

The mainstream media has also pushed the narrative, which led to the attempted impeachment of President Trump. While the left wants to argue of the corruption of President Trump, it’s easy to see the corruption of the Democrats throughout.

This is a breaking news story and more details are to come. Our Editor-in-Chief will be talking about this more on his podcast that will be released on Wednesday. You can find out more information about the show below.

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The Mainstream Media Continues To Show Their True Colors

Over the weekend, we continued to learn more about President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis. We also continued to see the mainstream media show their true colors. Some outlets almost celebrated the diagnosis, while others saw an opportunity to spread misinformation. For example, some suggested that Trump should be removed from the ballot.

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