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North Carolina’s Roy Cooper continues to fight the RNC

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Raleigh, NC – On Thursday, North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said that his office had not received a written safety plan from the Republican National Convention (RNC) organizers. He said that a written plan was requested by the state Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen. Cooper has yet to approve the RNC to function at full capacity for the August event.

Several GOP leaders responded that they sent a letter to Cooper’s office Thursday, asking for additional direction and assurances. They also outlined the proposed steps to protect attendees and limit the potential spread of coronavirus.

According to the leaders, Cooper’s office has not provided any assurances, as has been requested. They are hesitant to continue with the plans without assurances from the Governors office as they say they could still move the event elsewhere.

Earlier this week, Trump demanded a response from Cooper about having the event within one week. Cooper has said that he is on no timetable, indicating he has no plan to budge anytime soon. He has taken a hard-line stance in several instances.

As the AP article states, Cooper has demanded similar plans from NASCAR, the Carolina Panthers and the Charlotte Hornets for returning to operations. While many states are giving guidance to businesses to follow, Cooper continues to act as a dictator over the state of North Carolina.

Members of the Charlotte City Council have said they would welcome the move of the RNC from the city. The city, which is dominated by Democrat leadership, narrowly approved the RNC when the city was selected as the host. It is estimated that the RNC will bring over $160 million to North Carolina.

Cooper’s Republican challenger for Governor in 2020, Dan Forest, appeared on Fox Radio, saying the state needs the RNC. The State has over 1 million unemployed due to coronavirus, and many businesses are still struggling due to Cooper’s dictator-style leadership. The economic boost would help many businesses across the region.

Rather than seeing the benefit of helping his state, Cooper is more concerned about maintaining power. The governors of Georgia, Florida, and Texas have all offered to host the RNC if they would like to move it. They see the economic benefit and want that benefit for their citizens.

Rather than being the governor, looking out for the best for his state, Cooper has assumed the role of dictator. He is in absolute control of the state at this point, and nothing will happen without his approval.

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