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NY Governor Cuomo says conservatives have no place in New York

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Albany, NY – During a radio interview in 2014, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) said that conservatives have no place in New York. He said that pro-life, pro-gun conservatives are extreme conservatives and that they have no place in the state. He continued and said that it is not who New Yorkers are.

In his comments, Cuomo said that the problems in his state are not the Democrats. He said that he is also not the problem with the state, but rather it is these “extreme conservatives.” While Cuomo may believe this, the evidence tells another story.

New York has the second-highest level of state debt in the country. It ranks behind only it’s fellow left-wing liberal counterpart, California. Its debt is nearly double that of third-place Massachusetts.

New York ranks high on the list in regards to taxes on its citizens. In a recent look by The USA Today, New York ranked number one out of all 50 states. It was number one in income tax, number four in property tax, and number seven in sales tax.

New York ranks 33rd out of the 50 states for its economy. In all the measures, it ranks behind its conservative counterparts. So are the conservatives the problem? Since Cuomo’s comments, nothing has improved in the state of New York.

Cuomo and the Democrats want to paint anyone who stands against their narrative as a problem. If you are pro-life, pro-gun, or support any conservative position, you are not welcome in the society they want to create. It’s part of their plan of division.

The evidence clearly shows that the problem is not pro-life, pro-gun conservatives. The problem is left-wing lunatics. Wild government policy of free handout programs and ballooning government size has never served the best interests of the American people.

The government handouts that happen in these Democrat-led states never satisfies. New York taxes their citizens at extreme levels, and still cannot afford their programs. Conservatives understand that these things come with a price.

Cuomo cleared the air that conservatives are not welcome in New York. Conservatives are not welcome in most Democrat-led states, truthfully. If Biden and the Democrats get into control in November, they may not be welcome in the country anymore.

We are seeing an all-out war on conservatives across the country. The left has decided that they want to blame conservatives for everything, but that’s simply not the case.

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