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One liberal suggests Democrats reject the Constitution entirely

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Charlotte, NC – The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has thrust the Supreme Court into the national spotlight. On my recent podcast, I covered many of the suggestions that the left has made. From stacking the court or granting statehood to stack the Senate, many suggestions have been made for how Democrats can combat the upcoming Trump Supreme Court appointment.

On Tuesday, one liberal writer suggests that the Democrats have another option that is on the table. He suggests that Democrats can simply ignore the Supreme Court and do what they want to do. He suggests that judicial review does not exist in the US Constitution and therefore the Supreme Court can be ignored.

He continues and suggests that the Supreme Court has been a method to protect racists and allowing capitalist tyranny through it’s rulings. He uses the arguments that Roe v. Wade and the Affordable Care Act will be struck down if Trump appoints a new justice.

In the article, essentially the author is arguing that the Supreme Court exists to help progressives promote their agenda. The idea is that the court does not exist to protect the constitution and rights of all Americans. Instead, he wants you to believe it only exists to promote the liberal agenda.

So rather than seeing the big picture of the Supreme Court, he argues that it should just be ignored. He argues that Democrats should focus on winning the election and ignore any rule of law. In other words, abolish and ignore the Constitution.

That’s the real argument by the author and the real game plan of Democrats. They want to ignore the Constitution, pretending that it does not exist. If they are unable to get their way within the bounds of the most amazing document ever written, they want to just ignore it.

According to the Supreme Court website, the concept of judicial review may not be in the Constitution, but the principle was founded before the Constitution and is read in its implications throughout. The court functions to decide specific cases in regards to their constitutionality. Therefore, it’s the final defender of the Constitution.

For the Democrats to suggest that the Supreme Court be ignored, it shows you just how far they are willing to go eliminate America, our freedoms, and any conservative values. Just the idea that we are at the point the left is suggesting a complete overhaul of our country should tell you everything you need to know.

The Democrats are nowhere close to holding the same values as traditional and rural America. Their ultimate goal is to transform our country into a communist safe haven where there is only one allowed agenda.

While I would never agree that the country should be ran from the Supreme Court, the importance of the Supreme Court cannot be overlooked. There will always be the risk of those in power putting legislation in place that is a violation of constitutional rights. The Supreme Court is the defender in those cases, to protect our rights and freedoms.

The left will not be happy with any appointment by President Trump. As I describe in the podcast (link below), they will fight and have promised aggressive actions if Trump appoints and they win in November. The hope of America is that the Republicans hold on to the Senate at the absolute minimum.

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