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Pelosi cites ‘different set of values’ as blocking coronavirus aid negotiations

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Charlotte, NC — On Friday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that the White House has declined to negotiate to a $2 trillion price tag on the proposed coronavirus aid package. In her comments, she said that Democrats have offered to bring the price tag of their aid package down by $1 trillion, if Republicans would increase theirs by $1 trillion. She said that the Republicans were not interested.

She said that people have to understand that there is a ‘different set of values’ sitting across the table from Democrats at the negotiations. That may be the first time Pelosi has spoken truth in months. The differences in the values could not be more clear.

The Democrats are committed to adding massive amounts of state and local government aid. The White House has indicated it is open to some aid, but not the nearly $1 trillion that Democrats are seeking.

Other issues are the demands for increased funding for testing. This comes after much of the money set aside from the other spending bills has yet to be spent for testing.

Democrats claim they do not have support to spend any less than $2 trillion. Think about that, they are not focused on what the country actually needs, but rather the dollar amount that they want to add to the national debt. It seems Republicans have focused more on issues, than a dollar amount.

The fact that both sides want to spend more money has been no secret. Republicans have struggled to find support in their own party for any sort of package, let alone a package that is over $1 trillion.

The Democrats are committed to spending, that’s their desire through this. They want to spend more money and try to ensure that more people become dependent on the programs that they are offering. It’s just a simple test run for their hopes of winning the White House and Congress in November.

The sides are still far apart according to reports, which means it is just a matter of time until Republicans will cave. There is no way the Republicans will hold out and win this battle as the media and Democrats will continue to press for their way.

The values on both sides of the table are completely different. One side is pushing for bloated government and spending. The other side? It is highly unlikely they will stand their ground.

We have seen the Republicans time and again claim to stand for small government and reduced spending, only to cave on massive spending plans. We have seen trillions spent on the coronavirus aid, while the forced recession continues to rage on.

Do I need to remind anyone that the economy before the coronavirus was probably the best we have ever seen? Reduced regulations and taxes, along with a renewed focus on America First helped drive our economy to a roaring pace. What happened? Democrats got involved.

They did not like the great economy. They did not appreciate the success of America. It’s not that long ago that Joe Biden called America a failure, when we were a raging success. They started a race war and upended any sense of normal across our country.

One side of the table wants Americans to get back to work, while the other wants them government-dependent, sitting at home. One side wants to advocate for freedom and liberty, while the other is on a mission to remove any remembrance of it.

In the short time of the economic openings, our economy picked back up. We saw decreases in unemployment and the glimmer of hope that our economy could still be an amazing success. Not one Democrat was interested in that.

Pelosi was certainly correct that the two sides of the table have different values. No one questioned the difference. We are all only waiting to see how far the Republicans will cave.

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