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Pelosi Complains Some More About Trump

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On Sunday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi complained some more about President Trump. On ABC’s “This Week”, Pelosi says that Trump was not upfront with Congress on the Iran strike. She claims that in her complaints, she was told the administration wanted to keep the strike close.

The complaints are part of what the Democrats have said since the strike happened. Democrats have sided with Iran the entire time. Many of them refused to call Soleimani a terrorist. But there’s another statement that Pelosi made that should catch your attention from this interview.

As she continued, Pelosi says that the reason Congress was not told of the strike was because they were not trusted by the administration. Well, isn’t that some deep thought from Nancy Pelosi. Of course Congress is not trusted. In Ohio, President Trump said that the Democrats would have leaked it had they known.

He is exactly right too. The Democrats are expert leakers. They have plenty of experience in leaking details, whether true or not, to the main stream media. Each time, it’s at the cost of President Trump. But President Trump did a good thing here, and the Democrats are upset that they could not leak it and take it away from him.

No one trust Congress, from the President through the US citizens. Congressional job approval is a dismal 17% in the most recent Economist/YouGov poll. Only 17% of American’s think that Congress is doing a good job and trustworthy. Yes, that includes you Speaker Pelosi.

Pelosi’s actions after the strike continue to show that she really wouldn’t have cared if she was called. Multiple outlets are reporting that when VP Pence attempted to call her for the Iran retaliation strikes, she refused his call. She had better things to do than to take a call from the VP about an attack on our soldiers. She was NOT INTERESTED in them.

If Pelosi wants to point fingers and say that the way Trump handled the notification is wrong, this is also wrong. She knew that this call would no doubt be some important news. She knew that this may be the retaliation Iran had promised. Yet, she chose to ignore it. Trump may not be perfect, but neither are you Pelosi.

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