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Pelosi is playing a new game with the 25th Amendment

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Charlotte, NC — On Thursday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) announced that they have some big legislation to present on Friday. They will announce the formation of a Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of Office Act. Pelosi had teased the announcement earlier in the day to the mainstream media.

The commission would be based on section 4 of the 25th amendment, which gives the ability to argue over the President’s ability to do his duties as President. Democrats have said multiple times that they do not believe Trump is stable to hold office.

Many have shared reasons behind Pelosi’s move. There is really no indication that she has any authority for such as move, as was shared by one CNN legal analyst.

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This is silly political theater. Only the President himself, or the Vice President joined by a majority of Cabinet officers, can initiate a 25th Amendment transfer of power to the VP. Speaker of the House has no power to do this under our Constitution. https://t.co/5yNg9zjCza

Some on the conservative side have argued this is a power grab. I find that hard to believe as Pelosi has no option to grab power from this move. She is second in line and would still not assume the VP role even if Pence became President.

She knows it is not going to be successful and that she cannot gain power. So what is she hoping to accomplish from this move? To divert attention away from Joe Biden.

Democrats routinely play the game of blaming the right for exactly what they are doing. They have a candidate that obviously has some mental issues. He struggles every time he tries to appear in public

The Democrats know that Biden is in trouble the more he is in public. With Trump’s COVID defeat and the newly declassified Russia information, the Democrats need something to help turn the attention away from their actions and make the election about President Trump once again.

President Trump looks stronger than ever having overcome COVID in such a short period of time. The Democrats have a candidate that looks weaker than ever. They needed something. So what better than to attack Trump for being crazy.

She knows that the media will grab onto this and run the story without an end. They will report about Trump’s potential mental illness, all while Trump continues to show he is far from mentally ill.

Do the Democrats really believe this will help them? Apparently so, since they are going all in and pulling in Speaker Pelosi in the process. All the while, the Democrats continue to ignore the craziness in their own ranks.

This is a waste of taxpayer money, time of Congress, and is making a complete joke of our political system. Of course, Democrats have no desire to maintain our system as they want to destroy it at every turn.

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Nancy Pelosi Takes A Ride On The Crazy Train

We are 25 days out from the election and things continue to heat up! We had a very interesting vice presidential debate on Wednesday night, but I’m not going to talk about that one today in great detail. I think it was pretty obvious that Mike Pence easily won the debate.

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