perpetuating a police shortage

Perpetuating a Police Shortage

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New York, NY – Just 9 months ago, liberal media outlet ABC News published an article that discussed a “triple threat” to our nation’s police-force:  a decrease in applications, early exits, and higher rates of retirement. Then in May 2020, everything changed when George Floyd died while in police custody in Minneapolis, sparking nationwide riots.

ABC has since changed its locus of concern and now suggests police applicants should first and foremost be tested for racism before receiving a badge. Perhaps the liberal propaganda regurgitators at ABC have become part of the problem. 

In their original article, ABC cited a publication by the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) – DC-based research organization that issues suggestions to local police agencies on the future of community policing. The publication charged the “post-Ferguson effect” as an important factor in local police agencies struggle to recruit new officers.

Essentially, potential recruits are often dissuaded from entering the police force for fear the relentless and hateful media will crucify any innocent mistake they could make. Who would want to signup to police their community and make it safer if they know beforehand their same community would have them fired, arrested, and lambasted in the news for defending themselves if they were placed in a dangerous situation?

Further perpetuating the police shortage is a lack of support from local officials. In Minneapolis, where Mr. Floyd, unfortunately, lost his life, and where one could argue the police department needed deeper investments in training and education, the city has instead decided to disband its police department completely.

The idea, although dangerous and irresponsible, has gained momentum from extremist politicians and the MSM, including ABC News. So potential police recruits must now also ask: why start a career in a field under direct attack from policymakers? 

The field is also quite dangerous and an officer’s right to defend his/her self is no longer guaranteed. Atlanta Mayor, and potential DNC VP candidate, Keisha Lance-Bottoms has called for a process to revise “Atlanta’s Use of Force policies to rebuild trust in our communities” with a focus on community relations rather than officer safety.

Former VP Biden has also called for disarming police officers. In an interview with CNN Biden stated: “I think we should turn over as much as we can to non-armed police officers to de-escalate things related to mental illness, homelessness, and drug abuse.” Biden did not address the possibility that someone who is homeless, mentally ill, or abusing drugs could also be armed and dangerous. 

Since the days of Cain and Able humans have exerted their depraved will onto one another. Nowadays, in an otherwise civilized society, we maintain a police force to defend the weak, help the helpless, and maintain law and order. That force is now under attack like never before by evil forces in the liberal media and government who would rather no one hold them accountable for their own evil acts.

The very goal of the liberal mob is to weaken and diminish police forces nationwide because their voter base, and thus their pathway to power, is made up of lawless and careless men who, like Cain, could not exist harmoniously with others. Our problem is not with the police but with an overwhelming sinister power called sin which controls the media and our government and would now tear down the thin blue line that keeps it in check.

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