Sidney Powell Finally Responds to the Trump Campaign’s ‘Distancing’

Sidney Powell responds to the Trump attorneys’ recent statements that she is not part of the team. She tells everyone that she never was and that she is not quitting.

CEO Of Waffle House Slams Lockdowns, Won’t Shut Down Unless Absolutely Necessary

Waffle House defies current Democrat COVID19 logic, claiming that they will not shut down and force their workers out of work. Waffle House CEO says during a pandemic; it is about health and paychecks.

Biden’s Policies Will Kill More Than COVID

If he takes office, Joe Biden’s domestic and international policies will take more lives than COVID. From business shutdowns to record unemployment, it will take generations, if ever, for America to recover.

Wayne Co Election Board GOP Members Rescind Their Certification Votes

Allegations of harassment in Wayne County as two GOP election board members say that they were bullied to vote to certify. Watch the video of some of the harassment they endured.

Is COVID-19 Anti-Liberal Lockdown Violence Up Next for the U.S.?

The streets of Europe turn violent as citizens demand an end to COVID-19 executive orders. As Joe Biden and liberal governors institute their new charges ahead of the holiday season, will this violence spread to America?

Liberalism is a Lie

Liberal lies have stolen the 2020 election but have manifested a communistic culture where American liberties are traded for tyranny.

What are Trump’s chances to win the election through the courts?

The mainstream media continues to share that Trump’s chances of winning his lawsuits are dismal. The lawsuits are not the only thing they would worry about as Giuliani claims he has evidence and focuses on Dominion voting systems.