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Republicans cannot afford to replace President Trump

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Charlotte, NC – Over the past week, various media outlets have run with the idea that President Trump may need to be replaced for Republicans to have any chance at winning the election in November. I believe the first report was out of Fox News that shared some Republicans may want Trump to drop out.

The suggestion comes as a non-stop barrage of negative reports and polling come out against President Trump. The mainstream media, who is running the Biden campaign for him, has continued to attack Trump at every possible moment.

A recent Monmouth poll shows Biden +12. A recent USA Today poll shows him +12 as well. Others have the “lead” scattered from 8-9 points in favor of Biden. All these numbers were taken from

While the media would have you to believe this is the worst possible look for a President, it isn’t. In late July of 1988, Dukakis led Bush 55 to 38, respectively. A 17 point difference would be thought of as extremely difficult to overcome. Bush did just that, winning 53% of the popular vote and 426 electoral votes.

Polls showed President Trump losing easily in 2016, and we all know how that turned out. The truth is that a lot of faith cannot be placed in these polls as of yet. There’s another reason that Republicans cannot afford to replace Trump besides the polls.

Across our country, we have seen Democrats and moderate Republicans bowing to the pressures of the divisive agenda of the Democrats. As they want to tear down monuments and destroy history, Democrats are encouraging it. Few Republicans are outspoken and standing up against it.

Some of those “Republicans,” such as Mitt Romney or George W Bush, have sided with them. They are going to support Joe Biden in the coming election. All because they believe Biden’s media team, aka the mainstream media, with their crazy reporting.

Do I agree with everything President Trump does and says? Not at all. There’s one thing I am a fan of, a leader that will stand up for America and put American interests first.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have no interest in putting all Americans interests first. They are most interested in putting the interests of those special interest groups so they can appear “woke enough” to please them. The entire left is in such a “woke” frenzy that they have completely left hard-working Americans out of their thoughts.

President Trump is one solid voice that has spoken out against the ridiculousness of the left. He has made no secrets that he expects law and order. He expects to protect American history and our freedoms.

Now, we are dealing with a bunch of Republicans who feel they need to get into the moderate game, or they may lose their place in office. A great example was Mitt Romney marching with the protestors to stay relevant. The same goes for Colin Powell and George W Bush with their announcements that they would support Biden.

It’s clear; they are not interested in the America that our founding fathers wished to create. They are more interested in an America where were are given freedom to do as the government wishes. For example, you are free to go to college, as long as it is the one that the Government approves. You are free to buy a house, but it has to be on the government-approved list. You’re also free to work your job, but the government will set your salary and tell you if you can continue in that job.

This is not freedom; this is communism. These are the same things that are happening in China, where the government controls your “freedom,” telling you what you can and cannot do. It’s more real than you think.

In the late 1960s, there was a cultural revolution in China. The decision was made by CCP leadership to get rid of the Four Olds. Those were old ideas, old culture, old customs, and habits of mind. The youth of the country was mobilized and rallied around these ideas, along with education, healthcare, and cultural system changes. Sound familiar?

There is a small group of Republicans that have stood up to these advances and spoke out against them. None bigger than the current President, Donald Trump. He consistently attacks and defends against these radical views to change America as we know it.

The poll numbers may say that Trump is struggling, but the answer is not in the polls. Are Americans paying attention to what is going on everywhere around them? If so, they probably realize Trump may be the last hope to save our country from this reckless agenda that the left is trying to accomplish.

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