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Republicans make promises to Americans in bid to retake House

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Charlotte, NC — On Tuesday, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy unveiled Republicans promises to Americans in a bid to retake the House of Representatives. The effort is titled Commitment to America and outlines Republican priorities if they were to retake the House of Representatives in November from Democrats.

Republicans say on the website for the plan that America is worth fighting for. They also share that they are focused on restoring, rebuilding, and renewing. The effort outlines specific contrasts to Democrat’s efforts and how the Republicans would lead differently.

Republicans promise to triple COVID testing and deliver a vaccine, invest in medical treatments and healthcare changes, protect those with preexisting conditions, and prepare for potential future pandemics. They also promise funding for police, protection of Constitutional rights, and support for the military. These items were contained in the restore area.

In the rebuild section, Republicans commit to a significant investment in infrastructure. They propose a 5-year plan to rebuild roads, bridges, and airports while cutting permit times to allow it to happen at a much quicker pace. The commitment was for high-speed internet to every home as well. They also promised to make tax law changes permanent, as well as continuing to have more supply chain components located in the US.

Finally, for the renew section, Republicans promised to commit funding to schools and school choice. They also promised to revamp healthcare for veterans and promoting workforce development and lifelong learning programs.

The move by Republicans comes as they feel they still have a chance to retake the House. RealClearPolitics has 214 seats for Democrats and 190 for Republicans. This would place Democrats within just a handful of seats for a majority already.

Republicans are hopeful that Americans will like the plans that are put forth, in a similar move to their 1994 Contract with America. That helped lead Republicans to retake the House during the Clinton administration for the first time in 40 years. Will Americans buy the plans of Republicans again?

While the plans look good on the surface, the significant question that remains is if Republicans can all be on the same page. They had the majority in the House and Senate during President Trump’s first two years, failing to accomplish many of the things that they claimed they wanted to. Will Americans even consider trusting them again with the majority in both chambers?

I have said many times that I do believe Republicans will remain in control of the Senate, but I think gaining control of the House at this point is going to be a challenge. I would certainly not be against Republican control in the House, but Republicans need to remember that control of the Senate is the easiest path to try to save the country.

If Republicans maintain the Senate, they will be able to block much of the Democrat’s efforts if a Biden administration were to happen. This saved the country from many pathetic legislative efforts during the Obama administration. It will be interesting to see the response of Americans in the coming days.

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