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Seeds of warning? Perhaps those packages were more than just seeds

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Charlotte, NC — Over the past couple of weeks, we have heard the stories about packages of mysterious seeds received by Americans in all 50 states. The USDA immediately told those who received the seeds not to plant them and report them. The reason for the seeds having been shipped is unknown.

The USDA website has suggested that the seeds were part of a brushing scam. This is when someone may receive something they did not order, and someone posts fake reviews of the purchase to boost product ratings.

I find it hard to believe that these seeds mysteriously ended up at thousands of residences, in all 50 states, just as a scam to produce product ratings. Seeds are easily available online from thousands of sources. Are we really to believe there is a benefit to gaining product reviews of seeds?

On Monday, the USDA released initial results of what those seeds were. In the testing, they found seeds to be many ordinary items, such as cabbage, roses, and several herbs. None of those seeds appear to be harmful, but what is the real intent?

I think if we look a little deeper, there could be a warning that many missed. Some will write this off as just a conspiracy theory, but I think the information is worth considering given what is happening in our country right now.

China controls a good portion of our economy. They are the third-largest purchaser of US-made goods, but we are far more dependent on China than China is on us.  We are so dependent on China, they could cripple the United States very easily.

We rely on China for over 90% of US antibiotics, over 70% of our acetaminophen supply, and components of many other key medications. Electronics, medical devices, and other key resources also come from China as well.

China accounts for roughly 20% of US imports each year. Many of those in several critical areas. They are the primary source of low-cost consumer goods across the United States. It is scary how dependent we are on China.

There have been indications that China was already preparing for a potential war with the United States. Tensions continue to rise as both nations recently ordered closure of consulates. Relations are far from the coziness of years past.

Is China saying that the United States needs to be prepared through these seeds? It’s a question that I have not heard many comments on. Perhaps, China is suggesting that we may need basic things like seeds to survive if they were to take some sort of action.

The USDA suggested that the seeds could be harmful if they were planted. Even against the warnings, many planted those seeds without doing any harm. It could also be that these seeds were a test run for a more significant operation as well.

Could China infiltrate the US food supply through these seeds? It is certainly possible. Just as the few planted these seeds as mentioned above, I am sure many planted them and never reported it.

I realize my statements may be suggestive, but they are not too far fetched either. China certainly has a desire to act against America. Their recent moves to hedge themselves with stronger relationships with Russia also shows that they realize their need to diversify.

We cannot merely take things like this for granted, saying it was just merely a small event with no significance. Many would have done the same thing with an app called Tik Tok, until the United States shared the potential security risks. China is sneaky and has proven it will act through these small details to accomplish a much larger goal.

Americans must remain vigilant. It may be through an app on a phone, or could be something as small as a simple seed that is planted in the ground. Either way, China is carrying out things against the United States and we need to be watchful.

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