Senate committee votes to subpoena Hunter Biden in Burisma probe

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Washington, DC – A Senate committee voted on Wednesday to subpoena Hunter Biden amid the Burisma probe. The vote passed 8-6 in the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee. The initial report of the vote came from the Associated Press.

Democrats immediately blasted the subpoena. Michigan Senator Gary Peters blasted the partisan move. The Biden campaign said that the committee was just “running a political errand for Trump.” It certainly did not stop the Democrats when they did a similar thing against President Trump.

All of this comes as The Daily Caller released leaked tapes of phone calls between Biden and the former Ukrainian President. In the recordings, Biden can be heard discussing the exchange of money for the firing of the prosecutor in question. Biden boasted of this act openly in the past as well.

It brings up remembrance of the quid pro quo that Democrats talked about with President Trump. The only difference is that this one took place. There is a significant issue here.

As other Senate Republicans have balked at potential investigations, it appears that this committee is ready to pursue the possible corruption in Ukraine. Depending on the outcome, this could prove to be a substantial issue moving into November.

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