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Several reasons why I believe Trump will win the election

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Charlotte, NC – We are less than one week from Election Day in America. It’s a showdown that has been building for the past several months. Not to mention, it’s a day filled with uncertainty.

Depending on which news source you pick, either candidate can be shown in the lead. Mainstream media outlets show Biden easily ahead of Trump and winning easily. Conservative outlets argue that the state polls show the race is very close.

Either way you look at it, no one knows exactly what will happen next week once we start hearing results roll in. While the mainstream media will not want to admit it, there is a concern in their minds because of 2016 and how President Trump won.

Many have asked what I think is going to happen and I have hesitated until we got this close to the election. Now that we are a week out, I think there are some key data points available to show what is happening and I feel pretty confident in sharing that I believe President Trump will win reelection.

As a disclaimer, I am not predicting a Trump win simply because I am conservative. I would be the first one to admit that Trump may not win if the data points were not aligning. Yet, they are aligning and it looks good for President Trump.

The first thing that I wanted to look at was voter registration data. In the recent data releases, Republicans are seeing higher numbers of voter registrations than are Democrats. In Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania, Republicans have seen a huge increase in registered voters since 2016.

That does not necessarily translate into a victory on election night, however. It does give a sense of which party is encouraged and mobilized to respond in the election. This gives a clear advantage to President Trump.

Another piece of data that I look at is early voting information. Democrats notoriously win in early voting, but there’s an interesting phenomenon happening this year. Republicans are getting out to vote and in big numbers.

Republicans have outvoted Democrats in Michigan and Wisconsin, both key states for President Trump. Florida has also seen a huge influx of Republican voters that are voting early. This excitement is a big advantage for President Trump.

A third piece of data that I considered is the approval rating of President Trump. His approval rating has stayed at a higher level since July, according to Real Clear Politics.  That is a good place to be for an incumbent President facing reelection.

Not only that, but his approval rating among Republicans has consistently been above 90%, which means there are little defections from the party. While the mainstream media continues to say Republicans are leaving Trump, it just does not appear that way. This is a clear advantage for President Trump.

I also believe there is a social stigma surrounding President Trump that is not accounted for either. I am not going to say this is a shy Trump voter, but there are many that will vote for Trump but are not going to say so.

Take for example this new series of questions that have been asked for a few elections. In social circles and across states, the indications are a win for President Trump. As the article says, most people know their social circles well and easily see that Trump will win. It has been accurate for 5 elections and is predicting a Trump win this year also.

While the mainstream media and the left will argue the national poll numbers all day, the evidence of what we are seeing is telling a different story. I am not going to predict by what margin President Trump wins, but I will say that I believe Trump will win this election.

Welcome To The Socialist States Of America

We certainly are hearing a lot about a potential Biden administration following the election next week. Real Clear Politics had Biden listed as +7 over Trump on Tuesday. Outside of just a couple of polls, all of the other polls are showing Biden in the lead and well outside the margin of error.

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