Supreme Court Must Rule on Second Amendment Rights

Supreme Court Must Rule on Second Amendment Rights

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Richmond, V.A. – For gun owners, state executive orders by liberal governors have infringed on their protected, Second Amendment rights. Stay-at-home orders have closed firearm retailers and manufacturers. Others have made gun safety courses illegal. As Joe Biden sets his sights on the Oval Office, the Supreme Court must rule to squash the anti-gun, socialistic stance of today’s Democratic Party.

In April, the Supreme Court failed to rule on a New York gun regulation that barred transport of handguns outside the city limits, including to other private residences and firing ranges. Despite an official ruling, gun rights advocates stated that the Court hearing the first Second Amendment case in a decade illustrated the political shift of SCOTUS is evident.

After the New York case, Justice Kavanaugh wrote separately to say he agreed with the court’s handling of the case, but urged his colleagues to hear another Second Amendment case “soon.” On Friday, the justices revealed that ten different gun cases were on the Court agenda for next term. According to several legal experts, the court could release its intent to hear these cases as soon as Monday.

It would appear that the Supreme Court’s current political makeup is drastically different than just a decade ago. According to liberal and anti-gun groups like Brady, “the Court is almost certain to push for a vast expansion of the Second Amendment in a way like never before,” says Jonathan Lowy, chief counsel of the group.

For over the last 25 years, the battle over Second Amendment rights has divided our country. However, amid COVID-19 executive orders, armed protestors in Michigan and pro-gun lawsuits against states like New York and Massachusetts have reignited the debate of self-defense. This resurgence will undoubtedly be on the minds of Americans as they vote in the 2020 Presidential Election.

For Joe Biden, he promises an end to “assault-style” weapons in the hands of everyday Americans. The Democratic Presidential Nominee pledges to take a page of former president Bill Clinton’s playbook. Biden has routinely stated that he will attack and financially cripple gun manufacturers, and those private citizens who “buck” to his idea of another national gun safety initiative.

From coast-to-coast, California to Virginia, liberal governors and their puppet state legislators have banned assault weapons and limited magazine capacities of firearms. Many federal appeals courts have upheld many of these new limiting laws. However, some states have further restricted the Second Amendment rights of its citizens.

According to CNBC, two challenges that the Supreme Court could hear come from public carry laws enacted by New Jersey and Maryland. In both instances, states require that citizens show “justifiable need” and “good and substantial reason” for seeking a permit to carry a firearm outside the home.

Democrats are unilaterally manufacturing “what, when, and what kind” policies concerning a citizen’s right to bear arms. As the heat over COVID-19 stay-at-home orders rises, it Court must take the temperature of our nation, and issuing a new ruling. If not, liberal lawmakers, from Biden and across the Bible Belt, will stop at nothing until they disarm our democracy.

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