Tesla and Elon Musk Pull the Plug On California Restrictions

Tesla Defies California: Says “We are Open for Business”

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Palo Alto, C.A. – According to Fox News, Elon Musk confirmed Monday evening that he is reopening Tesla. Defying California orders, Musk took to Twitter, calling the bluff of Governor Gain Newsom.


The parking lot of the Fremont, Calif., facility was full, Fox 2 reported, even as Musk and Almeda County officials continue to spar over shelter-in-place rules that have prevented the electric-vehicle giant from reopening since March 23.

Governor Newsom and Musk have feuded over the last several weeks over California’s restrictions, leading Tesla to file lawsuits and threaten to move the company’s headquarters if Newsom doesn’t budge. It would appear that Musk is dead-set on the reopening of our national economy and challenging liberal legislators to stop him. 

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