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The Atlantic says Democrats will not be able to concede in November

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Charlotte, NC — On Sunday, The Atlantic ran an article that suggests that if President Trump wins in November, Democrats will not be able to concede the election. The article was written by Shadi Hamid, where he outlines an entire list of grievances in which the left would not accept a Biden loss. Such an event, Hamid says, is the worst-case scenario.

The author indicates that Biden losing the election would undermine democracy. He says that Democrats would not accept losing the electoral college vote as they did in 2016. He said that they did not accept the results then and would not accept it now.

He continued saying that the violence and extremism that the left has been financing and promoting would continue. He continued with the same left-wing radical lie that President Trump is to blame and that all of it would go away if Biden were to be elected. I am sure it would, as would every freedom that we all enjoy every day.

In this article, The Atlantic continues promoting the already debunked Russia collusion hoax from the 2016 election. It completely ignores the fact that China is doing the same thing that they are accusing Russia of doing. That is acceptable, though, because it helps their candidate Joe Biden.

The article continues to drive doubt in the Electoral College. It indicates that Republicans cannot love their country if they oppose this radical left-wing agenda that the Democrats are pushing. It accuses Republicans of cheating to win elections, even though there is significant evidence of Democratic voter fraud that has surfaced recently.

According to The Atlantic, the only acceptable outcome of this election is a Joe Biden win. Anything else, well, Democrats simply cannot accept or tolerate that at all. As the author says, “a Biden victory will prompt little surprise. It is easier to accept the things you had already come to expect.”

The thing is, Democrats may be wanting to prepare for a little surprise in November. The poll that Democrats once celebrated from Fox News that had Biden +12, now only has Biden +5. This has President Trump easily within striking distance. Many of those polls had Biden up by double digits 2-3 months ago, now all in the single digits.

As you continue to look state by state, there are some encouraging signs for Republicans throughout. States like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina all remain at or very close to 2016 polling data. Winning those states easily puts a 2020 win by President Trump within grasps. Throw in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri, and it could turn into a big win for Trump in the Electoral College.

If Biden wins in November, it’s very easy to see from Hamid’s article what they plan to do. They will want to eliminate the Electoral College, taking away the voice from millions of rural Americans. They will do their best to ensure that America never enjoys freedom again.

So what will the Democrats do when President Trump wins in November? Hamid lays it all out there for us. They will refuse to accept the results, they will continue the riots and violence, they will continue to undermine all things American, and continue their war on America’s laws and order.

They will continue to fund violence and destruction. The left will continue their attacks on President Trump, law enforcement, and conservatives across the country. While they work to undermine America, they will continue to work on how to eliminate conservatives, and their ideals, from the extremely radical America they want to become.

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