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The dominoes are starting to fall in Flynn case

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Charlotte, NC – Last week, the Department of Justice moved to drop the charges against Michael Flynn. Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI in their Russia investigation. President Trump followed up on that action with the news that more news was coming.

Part of that news was released Monday night by ABC News, who reports that any Obama officials involved in the Flynn unmasking will be unclassified. The acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, traveled to Washington last week with the list.

The ABC report did not have the list of names, but the list will no doubt make its way into the public arena soon. There has been a lot of speculation into who may be potentially on the list or implicated.

The visit by Grenell to Washington came during an interesting time. Around the Justice Department, hundreds of people have come forward saying the actions by Barr were to undermine an investigation. They believe that he was doing this to help President Trump.

Former President Barack Obama also spoke out on the issue claiming that the move to drop the charges was undermining the rule of law. The consensus across most conservative circles is that some high level officials will be implicated.

President Trump has spoke out and said that Obama committed a crime. There is a good possibility this is the case. Trump has referred to this as Obamagate.

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He continues to push the narrative on Twitter and in statements to the media. He is animated in saying that Obama is guilty of a crime. Repeated tweets have been made about it, including the one below.

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