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The left believes Trump supporters deserve to die

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Charlotte, NC — Not long ago, The Liberty Loft shared how it was becoming dangerous to be a conservative. It was shared that conservatives better be paying attention because now, their lives depend on it. Things that continue to happen around the country prove those statements completely true.

On Thursday, The First shared a street interview with one of their reporters. In the event, the reporter asked people around Portland their thoughts on the recent murder of a Trump supporter. Here’s what one lady had to say.

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Asked about Trump supporter who was murdered in cold-blood in Portland, leftist woman responds:”Tough luck. Don’t be a f**king Trump supporter in Portland.”

Yes, not one single person cares that a man lost his life. It is as if the left is saying he deserved to lose his life because he was a Trump supporter. Let me correct that statement; that is exactly what the left is saying.

The mainstream media and the left continue to push the narrative that Trump supporters are racist, white supremacist bigots who do not deserve to have an opinion. The idea has continued into their radical followers, like this woman in Portland.

It’s seen in their continued actions across the country as well. At a MAGA rally this week, one elderly Trump supporter was punched by a knife-wielding liberal. A retired police officer pulled a weapon to subdue the man to protect the woman.

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Knife-wielding man punches elderly Trump supporter at MAGA rally: report

These actions are becoming more common across the US as it is dangerous to be a Trump supporter or a conservative. The mainstream media supports it by continuing to push the attack stories against the right. The Democrats are supporting it by continuing with the mainstream media narratives.

At what point is it acceptable to be a conservative in public again? Are conservatives expected to simply live in a closet and out of the public eye forever? That should not happen at all.

Conservatives must continue to be outspoken and sharing the truth with everyone they can. Now, more than ever, this is taking a risk with your own life seeing as how the left believes anyone with an opposing viewpoint deserves to die.

Conservatives must not only pay attention to everything around them, but they must also be sensible about the situations they are putting themselves into. Walking into the middle of a Black Lives Matter riot is probably not the best decision. We can and must do better than that.

There is nothing wrong with standing up for what you believe in. That is the American way of doing things. There is nothing wrong with counter-protests. Again, it’s your constitutional right to do this. All I am saying is for you and your family’s sake, be smart, watchful, and sensible.

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