war with law enforcement

The left is at war with law enforcement across the country

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Charlotte, NC — On Friday, an article made it’s rounds online that shared the story of a Minneapolis City Councilmember who is pushing to disband the police department. He says that the change is needed to combat violence and racism in the department. He also claims that the view is shared by many across their city council.

The same view is shared by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who tweeted earlier in the week that it was time to disband the police department. She said that it’s time to reimagine public safety in Minneapolis.

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Recent budget proposals in Los Angeles took away funding for the police department. They claimed the move was due to a “social and racial justice crisis of epic proportions.” The mayor expressed that he supports eliminating the police department.

Celebrities have come out and supported decreased funding. Several signed a letter this week to reduce police funding in favor of increases for education and healthcare. The move is supported by the Black Lives Matter group, who has called for nationwide defunding of the police.

The argument is that the elimination of police departments and the funding of other programs will lead to better lives for the black community and eliminate crime. Just the thought of such a program is ignorance and absurd. Just for the fun of it, how would this look?

Fortunately, we have a website to reference for a guide. This website identifies how a world without police may look. The arguments the website presents, however, are entirely stupid.

The website argues that the police exist to discipline “poor, Black, queer, indigenous, trans, non-white and disabled people into accepting deteriorating living conditions, reproducing their social difference and isolation, and punishing any dissent against this status quo of alienation and exploitation.” So the only reason that police exist is to oppress minorities.

The group argues that armed officers are not needed to keep the peace. They advocate for community peacekeeping forces that are trained in de-escalation and conflict resolution.

So when you are confronting armed robbers in your home that may have a firearm, you should not worry about needing the police. You should worry about having a conversation about what is upsetting those individuals and how you can make it better. There is no need to protect yourself; just talk to them.

Or maybe when someone points a gun at you to commit armed robbery, carjacking, mugging, or any other “non-violent” crimes as they want to call them, you should just ask them to join you for coffee. I’m sure that a friendly conversation and a warm cup of Joe will do the trick.

The group argues that police have a role in a society built on capitalism, to repress and oppress. They fail to recognize that capitalism is the system that allows anyone to have a chance if they work hard and try.

It’s more of the insane ideas of the progressive left that has established war against law enforcement and the very foundations of American society. To the left, every law enforcement officer is evil. Even if those same officers saved the lives of a thousand black individuals today, they deserve to lose their job, and they are all horrible because a bad cop killed someone.

I know a lot of law enforcement officers. Each one of them is willing to risk their lives to make sure that their friends, family, and community are safe. They know each day that when they leave their homes, they may not return.

They aren’t racist. They would rather help anyone than to hurt anyone. They would rather help someone achieve a goal, or be an influence for good, than be forced to detain or take the life of someone to protect others.

I am thankful for the men and women across this country that are willing to sacrifice to defend my family, no matter where we may be. Countless officers make the ultimate sacrifice each year. Rather than attack them, we should be thanking them.

The war that the left has started on law enforcement began in the Obama administration. It’s gaining momentum, and Americans across the country need to stand up against these ridiculous ideas.

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