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The left’s continued war on hydroxychloroquine examined

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Charlotte, NC — There has been a continued initiative against hydroxychloroquine ever since President Trump first suggested it as a potential treatment for COVID-19. President Trump has suggested that the left is against the use of the drug because he suggested it. While the left argues that they are against it because they say there is no scientific evidence for its use.

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HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains – Thank You! Hopefully they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents)…..

There have been mixed opinions on the use of the drug since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Some private doctors have come out in support of the use of the drug, while many others are against its use, including Dr. Anthony Fauci. I have shared many times before; doctors will treat the same thing differently at times, and COVID-19 would be no different.

The doctors who have utilized chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine state they have had significant success with its use. The left argues that studies show there is no benefit to its use in their research studies, which led to the FDA revoking its emergency authorization. There is some precedent for the use of hydroxychloroquine in this situation, however.

In 2005, the world dealt with the SARS outbreak. A lot of research was placed into SARS, which we have learned is very similar to COVID-19 in its makeup and how it works on the cells of the body. During that time, studies found that chloroquine was a potent inhibitor of the SARS virus.

So the next key question is if the two different coronaviruses act on the cells in the same way. Studies have also found that this is the case. The two coronaviruses did act and enter the cells in the same manner, so the prevention should be similar as well.

This is also how the vaccine progression was accomplished so fast. Research from SARS and MERS was used to help identify how to “warp speed” a vaccine for COVID-19. It’s allowed researchers to potentially have a vaccine that may be commercially available by early 2021.

The media is quick to cite sources that show that chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine do not work, while ignoring those that do. They were quick to find flaws with early studies out of Europe. Recent studies in the US also show that the drug has been effective in treating patients with COVID-19.

Do you remember seeing the above study from Henry Ford mentioned on the news cycle, in news articles, or anywhere else? No, but when the NIH said that their study was being stopped, it was on news sites everywhere within hours.

So why is the left so obsessed with proving that hydroxychloroquine will not work? It isn’t the case of a lack of any evidence. There is applicable evidence that shows it could potentially work. I will admit they also have some evidence that they have used to claim that it may not work as well.

The only logical solution is their constant battle against President Trump. If, by any chance, he was right about COVID-19 and a potential treatment, it would give him momentum for November. It would give him a win, and they certainly cannot have that.

I think the other concern is that they do not want anyone asking questions or searching for answers themselves. The media wants everyone to believe their every word without question. They do not even attempt to present facts to allow someone to make their conclusion. They simply present what they have decided you need to believe, and you are expected to believe it blindly.

The Democrats are no better. For years they have been telling us that the government knows best. We do not need to worry about our jobs, careers, or paychecks. Their solution? To simply turn over all your fears to the government and let them guide you.

Are we simply going to sit back and blindly believe them on the coronavirus? Many in the American public have done so already. Many have laid aside their common sense and are blindly allowing the left to lead them.

Hydroxychloroquine is almost certainly not a magic pill against COVID-19 that will prevent everyone from contracting the virus. It is almost certainly not a magic cure, but it could help some people. Rather than trying to help and protect some that could benefit, the left is more concerned with their mission against President Trump.

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