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The NRA is accused of acting like Democrats

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Charlotte, NC — On Thursday, the New York Attorney General Letitia James, filed a lawsuit against the NRA and its leadership. In the lawsuit, James is seeking to dissolve the NRA, remove its leadership from their positions,  and have the court issue a statement that condemns the actions of the organization. The Washington DC AG also made a similar filing in court in their district.

According to Fox News:

The New York lawsuit alleges that LaPierre, former chief of staff Joshua Powell, former CFO Wilson “Woody” Phillips, and general counsel John Frazer, engaged in self-dealing and ignored conflicts of interest in violation of NRA policy. Alleged conflicts included granting millions of dollars worth of contracts to companies like information technology firm HomeTelos, whose CEO had a personal relationship with Phillips that was not disclosed at the time.

So let me get this straight, the NRA is accused of acting like Democrats. Not just any Democrats, but some high profile ones. Perhaps you recall the actions of the Clinton Foundation, who had multiple complaints about wrongdoing, including quid pro quo’s, money laundering, tax fraud, and tax evasion.

The Clinton’s used the foundation to help their wealth as well. Former President Bill Clinton had money tied to the foundation, where the lines were blurred between when the foundation began and ended. This was not just rumored, but documents and whistleblowers detailed the events. Of course, maybe some more evidence was deleted in Hillary’s e-mails that are missing.

Or perhaps we can talk about the occasion that the Democrats presidential nominee Joe Biden helped his family profit from his position. If I recall correctly, his son made out pretty well after he forced the firing of the Ukraine prosecutor as part of his quid pro quo.  There is also a lot of information about Biden and his family potentially profiting from his time as VP in China.

This action by the two Democrat AG’s is nothing but a political hack job. The Democrats are after the NRA, they have made no secrets about it. Joe Biden has even said that taking on the NRA is one of his top priorities. In multiple ads, he has talked about how he has fought the NRA and has won.

The Democrats are in an all-out gun-grabbing mood. Not only do they want to eliminate the police, they want to eliminate your ability to protect your family through your second amendment rights. They would rather provide you with a list of how to give criminals what they want.

I have shared the concerns with Joe Biden, as far as what will happen as soon as he is elected and questioning how anyone can support him. I certainly read taking on the NRA differently than attempting to eliminate it. It is nice to see the Democrats game plan coming together.

They have officially ignited a race war in the United States, they have made the police out to be evil, and no will work to remove your right to defend yourself and anyone that may fight for that right.

If you have not joined or supported the NRA before, now would be the perfect time. This is only the start of the assault by the Democrats on the second amendment for this election cycle. They will not simply stop at eliminating the NRA. President Trump said this after the news of the lawsuits was released.

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Just like Radical Left New York is trying to destroy the NRA, if Biden becomes President your GREAT SECOND AMENDMENT doesn’t have a chance. Your guns will be taken away, immediately and without notice. No police, no guns!

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