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Thursday night will show who is in charge of the Democrat ticket

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Washington, DC — The Republican National Convention will be wrapping up on Thursday night and has been filled with a lot of interesting speeches and events. The left has surrounded the event with complaints of lies and deceit, interrupting to fact-check and discredit anything said. It’s just part of their plan.

Democrats announced that they would have an official response to President Trump’s speech on Thursday. This is not an unprecedented move, but who is giving the speech should tell you all that you need to know.

One would think the front runner of the ticket would want to speak, but that’s not happening. The one who is delivering the speech is VP candidate Kamala Harris. Why would you put the Vice Presidential candidate to counter the President of the United States?

It’s because she is really in charge of the Democrat’s ticket. She is the one that they are putting all their faith and trust in. I have talked about this before that Joe Biden is simply a pawn of the party, and here is another fantastic example.

Joe Biden is not the face of this ticket. He is the name of the ticket. Kamala Harris is the face of the ticket and the one that the Democrats want to be in charge. They know that if they place Joe Biden on this national stage, he will find a way to screw it up. Even former President Obama has said that.

So what do the Democrats do? They go to the one that is their safety net. They go to the one who can give a speech, condemning the President and allowing them to save face in public until they can replace Joe Biden.

Are the Democrats going to replace Joe Biden at the debates with Kamala Harris as well? It seems the Democrats believe that Joe Biden can simply sit in his basement reading comment cards and teleprompters and win this election. I am growing more and more confident that there is a stack of papers in a Democrat’s office, ready to execute and remove Joe Biden from office if he were to win.

The Democrats can do better than this. If this is the best that they have, they need to go back and find another plan. Joe Biden will have to face President Trump to be a legitimate candidate. This means no recorded speeches and having to come out of his basement. It’s something that I’m not convinced he can do.

Democrats continue to prove with these types of moves that Joe Biden has an issue. They are continuing to show he is not able or capable of filling the office of President. Americans need to be paying attention and see through this charade. Joe Biden is not in charge of the Democrat’s ticket, Kamala Harris is.

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