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Trump Accused of Fake News

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On Thursday, President Trump and many others tweeted a video of Nancy Pelosi that made many Democrats upset and suggesting the video is essentially fake news. The video, which is edited, shows the many times Pelosi stumped through her talking points during an interview and even held up 2 fingers when referring verbally to the number 3.

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Liberal news outlet CNN refers to the video as crudely edited and that it was manipulation of video. CNN even went as far as to pull in US Intelligence sources that said video manipulation could be used as a method of disinformation campaigns to target the electorate. So the CNN outlet that is quick to report fake news stories to help promote the liberal agenda is accusing Trump of fake news? We should all remember that CNN has been caught editing videos to push agendas as well. See this great video outlining that from

The outcry from the left did not stop with simply their source news outlets. Speaker Pelosi’s spokesman quickly labeled the video as sexist trash. CBS quickly jumped on the sexist point of view in their write up on the tweet. It’s just more of the same typical attacks we would expect from the left.

The video tweet by Trump quickly comes along the heels of Democrats attempting to portray President Trump as acting strange and volatile after his walkout of the infrastructure meeting. I do believe President Trump has a right to be upset, but I also agree with suggestions by Ben Shapiro on Thursday in how the President should respond to the attacks by Democrats.

Speaker Pelosi will continue to drive this Democratic message as long as it resonates with the base and general public. This can be seen from her comments made yesterday.

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When the “extremely stable genius” starts acting more presidential, I’ll be happy to work with him on infrastructure, trade and other issues.

It’s time for Trump strategists to take a different approach as Ben Shapiro suggests and go above the fray. Democrats are not going to give in to this attack. They have attacked his sanity since the beginning of his presidency. Take the high road President Trump. As the situation unfolds, the radical ideals on the left will end up collapsing the party.

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