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Trump Is Upset and He Has Every Right To Be

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On Wednesday, news broke about President Donald Trump being upset and leaving a meeting with Congressional Democrats where he was scheduled to discuss infrastructure. President Trump apparently became upset after Congressional Democrats held a meeting to discuss impeachment. He was obviously upset and held a press conference and issued several tweets discussing his frustration.

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President Trump has every reason to be upset with how he and his administration are being treated by Democrats. I think most on the conservative side would agree that Trump’s actions are not always that great. Some past statements and actions are questionable and even his actions during the Mueller report can be somewhat questionable. I wrote about this in the past after Senator (and Presidential Candidate) Elizabeth Warren called for Trump’s Impeachment.

Trump’s frustration goes far beyond the simple talk of impeachment. The investigations that he and the administration continue to face are becoming far reaching. Democrats have continued to remain committed to the notion that the continued pursuit of Trump’s financial records are just for legislative purposes. Actions that happened today prove that this is simply not the case.

Take into account the new law passed in NY where it makes it easier for Congress to obtain Trump’s state tax records. Against the protests of Democrats, Republicans have discussed how this is a bill of attainder solely targeting the President of the United States. We also learned on Wednesday that U.S. District Judge Edgardo Ramos, a Barack Obama appointee, ruled against President Trump and stated that the banks must comply with Congressional Subpoena’s.

Democrats are setting new precedent in demanding financial records of their counterparts without any legislative reasoning. It is a personal attack on President Trump that has no basis. The Democrats are relegating the responsibility of Congress to nothing more than an investigative arm of a political party instead of a party that is focused on legislating. Maybe this is why Senator Kamala Harris states that if elected President she would enact everything by executive power. Democrats apparently have no desire to actually have a legislative branch of government anymore.

It’s no wonder President Trump is upset and released multiple tweets about how Democrats continue to undermine any political processes in Washington. President Trump has an aggressive agenda and is most likely the most pro-infrastructure Republican President in quite some time. Democrats have argued for infrastructure for quite some time and this is a great opportunity to collaborate across the aisle to accomplish something together for the first time in Trump’s Presidency. Oh well, at least he has the prayers of Nancy Pelosi.

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