Trump, Not Biden, Championed Prison Reform

Trump, Not Biden, Championed Prison Reform

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Los Angeles, CA – For his near 50 years in politics, Joe Biden has said a lot but done nothing when it comes to prison reform. While serving as Vice President under Barak Obama, federal prison populations fell to the lowest rate in 36 years. However, these lower incarcerations rates failed to trickle down to states as anticipated, thereby increasing or maintaining state incarceration rates among minority populations. 

Joe Biden continues to pander to African American groups, attempting to lead the charge on defunding law enforcement in light of recent shootings of black offenders. However, despite his empty promises, Biden’s remarks bring no real substance or possible change to minor offender’s sentencing. 

Biden’s significant burden in 2020, is his failed attempt to separate himself from Obama or Trump. The American people are more intelligent than the DNC would suggest. Serving under a president, and being a president are total opposites. 

Joe Biden, live from his basement, fails to understand that continuing to ride the coattails of Obama’s anti-conservatism agenda, brings nothing of value. Instead, it belittles the significance and sacrifice of the American black community. 

In July 2019, President Trump’s Justice Department announced the immediate release of 3,100 under the First Step Act, a criminal justice bill President Trump signed into law in December. In his signature piece of legislation, sentences are shortened for some inmates — partly through a change in the credit they are given for good behavior — and increases job training and other programs. It also requires the new risk assessment system, which officials said will allow inmates to complete in-prison programs and, for some, receive “earned time” credits to get out earlier.

One such recipient who received release was Alice Johnson, who was granted clemency by President Trump in 2018 and slated to speak at the Republican National Convention this week. Johnson, 65, previously was serving a life sentence on nonviolent drug and money laundering charges. She was released from the Aliceville Federal Correctional Institution two years ago after serving 21 years in prison.

In February, the Trump campaign dropped a $10 million Super Bowl ad revolving around Johnson’s story, serving as a pitch to African American voters. 

While Biden and the Democrats want to paint Trump and the Republican Party as racists, the President and conservative lawmakers have spearheaded real criminal reform. Despite his advertised 50 years in politics, Biden has led and assisted in failed, Democratic policies that have kept minorities, like Alice Johnson, lagging, and locked-up.

Biden’s pick for V.P. further illustrates his misunderstanding of criminal reform. Before being elected to the U.S. Senate, Harris was San Francisco’s district attorney and then California’s attorney general. Harris’ Achilles’ heel, which caused her failed 2020 presidential run, is a perceived lack of authenticity

There is no better example of the gap between public presentation and historical record than her mischaracterization of who she was and what she did from 2004-2015, during his tenure as San Francisco D.A., and California Attorney General. In picking Harris as his running mate, Biden should acknowledge the harm her status-quo policies inflicted, especially among the minority populations that the Biden campaign promises to protect. 

Biden is out-of-touch and out-of-time, and soon, after his failed third attempt at the Oval Office, his dismal political career can join him in the confines of his basement. 

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