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Trump sends out multiple tweets causing confusion about his condition

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Charlotte, NC – Just after 6 AM EST, President Donald Trump began tweeting from Walter Reed where he is going through treatment for COVID-19. All weekend, the media has varied from one extreme to the other in how they cover the COVID diagnosis. After his tweets, they now say that he is acting erratically and cannot be stable.

Some are blaming it on the medications, saying that the treatment regiment that the President is receiving can create feelings of euphoria and alter the mind. Others are reporting that his family is upset at the tweets and saying that he is acting “crazy.”

No matter what, the mainstream media wants to continue to own the narrative against President Trump. They continue to try to push the negative stories on him, even while he is sick. Many have attacked his drive around to greet those who were wishing him well.

Trump started out his tweets with a reference to Fox News morning show Fox and Friends. He shared the story of a US voter who was voting for President Trump. Then he began a list of things that Americans should consider when they vote.

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In addition to referencing taxes, President Trump also referenced a strong stock market, a strong military, and law and order. He went on to refer to religious freedom, tax cuts, then referenced just the word “401k.’ After each statement, he implored Americans to vote.

In continued tweets, he referenced his approval rating in Virginia, Space Force, and ending massive regulations. He then referenced his pro-life agenda, “better & cheaper healthcare,” and coverage for pre-existing conditions.

He ended the tweets with references to fighting the corrupt news media, protecting the second amendment, and bringing soldiers home through peace processes. In total, there were 18 tweets that utilized all caps to share the message of the President to the people.

The media continues their speculation as to if Trump feels better based on the tweets. If you follow the mainstream media, they have essentially had President Trump on his death bed for the past few days. Many of them wishing he would just die, rather than continue as President.

Now, it appears President Trump may return to the White House as soon as Monday according to Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. There is no doubt that the mainstream media will attack him for such a move, as he was attacked for his drive around the hospital.

While the mainstream media has pained the image of Trump in the hospital as grim, perhaps President Trump is not as bad as they have tried to report. His doctors continue to give great feedback about President Trump and his condition in the press releases. It appears he is doing well with the treatment.

The mainstream media is going to attack him no matter what. No matter his condition, they are going to go after President Trump. While they want to paint him on his death bed, Monday morning proved he is still alive and well. Even more, he is still the President of the United States.

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The Mainstream Media Continues To Show Their True Colors

Over the weekend, we continued to learn more about President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis. We also continued to see the mainstream media show their true colors. Some outlets almost celebrated the diagnosis, while others saw an opportunity to spread misinformation. For example, some suggested that Trump should be removed from the ballot.

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