trump to investigate bias against conservatives

Trump to investigate bias against conservatives on social media

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Charlotte, NC – On Saturday, the Wall Street Journal reported that President Trump is considering a panel to investigate anticonservative bias on social media. According to the report, the White House would create a commission to examine allegations of online bias and censorship. This seems to be highlighted by a recent tweet by President Trump as well. 

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Bias against conservatives has been a big issue over the past few years. In that time, several popular conservatives have been banned or silenced on social media outlets.

In 2019, Steven Crowder’s monetization on YouTube was removed. Conservative outlet PragerU was also silenced on social media. While these are two of the high profile cases, there are numerous other examples.

In a Morning Consult poll in 2019, 3 in 5 conservatives believed that there was social media bias against them. The left argues that there is a lack of evidence, but conservatives across the country have suffered at the hand of social media censorship.

Due to the censoring, new social media sites, like Parler, became popular for conservatives. Conservatives may share information freely on the alternative sites, but maybe banned or suspended on usual social media sites.

According to the WSJ article, the major social media sites all denied bias against conservatives. Of course they will not admit to such bias. To do so would open them all to multiple lawsuits. Lawsuits are already in the works through the Department of Justice against Google for other reasons.

The sites argue that they are following their rules, but the rules are biased against conservatives. Much of this has been under the label of “disinformation.” Anytime a conservative speaks out for one of their viewpoints, it is considered disinformation.

Take for example the case of The organization is a pro-life group that shares anti-abortion information online. Multiple times their organization has been banned or removed from the various social media accounts. Here’s the example from when they were removed from Pinterest and labeled as a pornography site.

What about the time that The Center for Medical Progress was removed from YouTube. The organization shared videos that showed undercover investigations that exposed Planned Parenthood. That didn’t sit well with YouTube and they were removed.

Project Veritas has experienced issues as well. Many of their undercover videos have been removed and the organization was banned from Twitter as well.

A recent case was with videos from doctors in California. While not specifically conservative, their video went against the liberal mindset. Left-wing media said the videos should have never been able to go viral. YouTube deleted them, while Facebook left them up. The issue is that they were not advocating for what the left wanted, prolonged closures.

Yes, there is definitely a bias against conservatives on social media networks. The evidence is mounting while most choose to try to ignore it. We will be monitoring the situation closely as this investigative panel is established and starts their process.

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