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Trump Wins Debate After a Wild and Raucous Night In Cleveland

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Cleveland, OH — Last night’s debate was difficult to watch.  It did little to reach undecideds and has entrenched both bases in their specific camps.

But like any highly anticipated match-up, the audience needs a victor and a loser named.

Winner: Trump

@KayleighMcEnany – Kayleigh McEnany – VERDICT: President Trump WINS ‼️ CSPAN: ✅…

VERDICT: President Trump WINS ‼️ CSPAN: ✅ Trump (53% Trump; 29% Biden) Telemundo: ✅ Trump (66% Trump; 34% Biden) CNN: ✅ Trump (3 votes Trump; 1 vote Biden of decided voters)

Trump did better than Biden and, toward that end, Trump crushed him.  In terms of presentation, Trump didn’t stumble over his words like Joe Biden did, and while he was trying to bait Biden throughout the night, he didn’t resort to name-calling like Biden did.

Biden called the president racist and argued that white Americans need to be made aware of the advantages they have over minorities in the U.S.

He also called the president a clown and told him to “shut up, man!”  He also had slip-ups and got visibly upset with trump at times, and was even derailed into talking about Hunter Biden and his drug problem.

Trump didn’t have a banner night either.  Trump had very transparent attempts to derail Biden.  At times they were unappealing.  Don’t get me wrong, they worked, but he had to be over the top and somewhat obnoxious to make it happen.

Additionally, Trump also had to battle with the Fox News’ Chris Wallace a lot more than Biden did.

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President Trump has a back and forth with Chris Wallace:”First of all, I guess I’m debating you, not him”

This is never a good luck for the debater.  Many of you might disagree with my assessment rather vehemently.

“Trump was battling a totally hostile moderator!” I saw that on Twitter all evening.  You knew going in who Wallace was and how he was going to be treating Trump.  Trump also knew that and made the conscious decision to do battle with him anyway.  That doesn’t make him appear strong, but rather it makes him appear combative.

This solidly entrenches the bases of both camps, but it does nothing to attract undecided voters who are not always so excited about that trait in a candidate.

The Democrats, though, are going to proclaim quite loudly that Biden won, but making that claim ignores a lot of Biden’s flaws. He is clearly finding it difficult to keep up with the questions and the talking points, and a seasoned debater like him should know better than to take the bait Trump was offering time after time.

There were several moments when Biden looked horrible.  Biden has no experience dealing with someone like Trump.  There were so many points tonight where the President had him off balance, and that is a big reason why Trump came across as the winner.

Naturally, the main-stream-media did what the main-stream-media does when it comes to criticizing President Trump and carrying Joe Biden and his campaigns water.

CNN said every word Trump said tonight was a lie.

For example, CNN’s @DDale8 says while Joe Biden was “largely accurate” dring tonight’s presidential debate, “we had an avalanche of lying from Pres. Trump.”  He says at points during the debate, “almost every single thing (Trump) said … was inaccurate”

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CNN’s @ddale8 says his biggest takeaway from the debate is “this president is a serial liar who keeps serially lying”: “Trump is an unprecedented liar in the Oval Office”

Immediately after the debate the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, attempted to do damage control.

Kamala Harris tried to clean up at least one of former Vice President Joe Biden’s blunders that took place when Biden refused to answer whether or not he would support packing the Supreme Court.  This is a move that Democrats have talked about should President Trump’s nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, be confirmed to the High Court.

“His answer on court-packing, adding more justices to the Court, just sounds like a straight up dodge. Why won’t he talk about what he wants to do, what he thinks should happen?” CBSN’s John Dickerson asked.

“I think he’s very clear, John, that he is focused – as we all should be – on the next 35 days. And he’s focused on, one, the process by which we’re even having the conversation about the United States Supreme Court,” she explained.

Harris continued saying:

“And now we see the president and the senate majority leader are pushing through a nominee while Americans are voting.  We’re not even talking about a debate has occurred in the past election year.  We’re talking about literally doing an election, almost a million people have voted and they’re trying to ram this nominee through, clearly for political purposes.”

Instead of explaining where the Biden-Harris campaign stood on packing the Supreme Court, Harris said she agreed with Biden’s approach of focusing on the “conversation” surrounding the topic.

Townhall’s Beth Baumann stated that, “Harris can’t answer this question because she knows it’s a messy one and it’s not one that bodes well for their campaign. Democrats threatened to pack the Court last year if SCOTUS decided to hear a gun case. GOP senators had to step in and say the Court needs to be independent of the judiciary (which is how our Founding Fathers intended it to be).”

Oh well. Elections have consequences.

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REPORTER: Joe Biden’s “answer on court packing, adding more justices to the [Supreme] Court, just sounds like a straight up dodge. Why won’t he talk about what he wants to do, what he thinks should happen?”Kamala Harris dodges the question.

Democrat and Fox News contributor Doug Schoen wrote, “In terms of the impact that the debate will have on the race, in my view, neither candidate likely persuaded any undecided voters one way or the other.”

“Though, while Trump’s performance will likely help him solidify Republican support, Biden’s performance likely did not move Democrats in any meaningful way.”

Neither candidate ever explained a reason to vote for them beyond “The other guy is so much worse.” That makes it very difficult to say that either won because we don’t really know what they’re even fighting for at this point.

Ultimately, with the election close to one month away, and with thousands of Americans already having voted, this debate made it clear that the race is closer than many might think and is far from over.

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