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Two officers shot and the left responds by mocking Blue Lives Matter

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Charlotte, NC — Late Saturday evening, the LA County Sherriff’s Department tweeted that two of their deputies were shot in the line of duty. The deputies were ambushed by a shooter while they were sitting in a car: no warning, no provocation, just sheer hatred of law enforcement officers.

The video below was shared on Twitter of the shooting as the suspect is still at large. Both officers required surgery due to their injuries and are fighting for their lives.

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Update: The gunman walked up on the deputies and opened fire without warning or provocation.

The continued violence against law enforcement across our country is a direct result of the Democrat’s actions. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris own this. Democrat governors and mayors across the country own this. The mainstream media also owns this for the actions they continue to take in labeling officers murderers and killers.

They have created a social environment where there is widespread disrespect and hatred of law enforcement across this country. Rather than the “peaceful protests” that they claim, they are allowing violence and destruction, making our cities and towns look like war zones.

This is not President Trump’s fault, as the Democrats would like you to believe. President Trump was correct when he said that these people are animals that need to be stopped. These people need to see that our country is one of law and order and one that respects our law enforcement for the job that they do.

How did the left-wing of our country respond after the shooting? Rather than saying that this event should not have happened, they proceeded to mock law enforcement by making fun of the situation and the hashtag “#BlueLivesMatter” on Twitter.

Some of the tweets said that the only real heroes were healthcare workers that wore blue scrubs at work. Other tweets said that the only blue lives that mattered were cartoons, like The Smurfs or birds. Here’s one from a freelance journalist out of Philadelphia saying that Blue Lives Matter deserves no respect.

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Let’s be clear about something: #BlueLivesMatter is the latest in a long history of right-wing false equivocations, along with any other appropriations of #BlackLivesMatter. It doesn’t honor police, and it doesn’t warrant our respect.

There were many other tweets that said if you support Blue Lives Matter, then you are a racist. So just because you respect law enforcement and say that they deserve to live (just like the left claims that blacks do), it’s racist? Taking a few moments to just read through the ignorance that is on Twitter about those two law enforcement officers will make you sick.

What is happening across our country is insane. If you still believe that this Black Lives Matter protest and agenda is really about Black lives, then you are not paying attention. These left-wing radicals are not concerned one bit about Black lives. They are only concerned with the complete revolution of the United States.

When I say left-wing radicals, let me be clear about who I am, including in that group. I include Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and anyone else in political office that has catered to the Black Lives Matter movement. These socialists and communists that are attempting to alter the course of our country under the disguise of “social justice” and “systemic racism” causes.

I am 100% completely against racism. It has no place in our country, and I am against it 100%. I am also completely against hatred and disrespect like this, which the Democrats are fostering all across our country. Our law enforcement deserves better than the treatment they are getting from the left. Americans deserve better from their elected officials and those who claim they love America.

As of the time of this writing, there is not one statement from these radical left-wing leaders about this shooting. Nothing from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, or Chuck Schumer. There is nothing from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, AOC, Ilhan Omar, or any of the other stars of the Democratic party.

In her most recent tweet, Elizabeth Warren said that America is crying out for leadership. She said that Trump was fanning the flames of racism, ignoring COVID-19, and leading like a fascist dictator. The thing is, of all the names mentioned, he’s the only one to call out how this act is sickening. You may not like the fact that he called this person an animal, but he is the only one that said anything about those two officers.

The left will spend the day mocking law enforcement and making fun of Blue Lives as they celebrate the shooting of two more officers being shot. I will be praying for those two officers who deserved the support and backing of their elected officials to help keep this from happening.

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Continued Attacks On Law Enforcement By The Mainstream Media

A recent CBS News article continues to brand law enforcement across the country as killers. The article essentially says that law enforcement are nothing but a group of murderers. They are out here killing people all the time, especially black people.  Except that is not the case at all.

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